kent girlies

hi all just a note to say luca mai and i all really enjoyed meeting you!! and for claudia lauren and laura n anyone else who couldnt make it really hope to see you at the next meet up any ideas for venues!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  • hello all,
    Was really nice meeting up with you all and seeing some adults to chat with!
    In regards of next meet up......I remember Claudia wanting a Friday so she could make it. Maybe find a suitable date and see who can make it then go from there. xxx
  • hay girls sorry i couldnt make it internet has been down for couple of days so i couldnt find any details out bout the meet but will defo come to the next one would also perfer a friday if that is ok with everyone but im up for anything ill keep checking in too see whats going on x x
  • hey girlies, glad u all had good time...would b great to mark a date in diary for next meet up, and a venue bit closer would be fab too xxx
  • Hi girls we all had a lovely day, too. The girls were out like a light!! Would love to do it again soon! Fridays arent good for me as Molly has preschool from 9.15 til 1.15! but if its in half term that would be perfect. Looking forward to the next group outing and hopefully everyone can make it nxt time image x x x x
  • As I know have everybody who has made an interest in meeting up added to my facebook. I was wondering whether it will be easier doing a group chat like last time. I know some of you dont getn on BE much, plus out post likes to get lost amongst teh others.

    As this one was nearer T.wells, maybe we should head in the Maistone direction for out next meet. I seem to be situated in the middle so it doesnt bother me as travelling is roughly the same. I know Sarah lives the furthest to the west so it would be a bit more of a trek for her.

    How soon does ceverybody want to meet up and also I was just wondering, do people want to make it a regular thing like every month or sooner? Or just whenever someone feels like arranging a meet?

    Sarah...did you have a peaceful journey home?!

    Im quite easy to fit around. Maybe those with other siblings could throw some dates in the air and see if we can all settle on one. Also, has anybody got any recommendations of chilld friendly places? xxx
  • Hi Jo,
    yeah they all fell asleep in the car!
    If Maidstone is guna be nxt I dont mind missing out this time and Ill meet you all again in half term somewhere a bit nearer??
    If we did it every few weeks then it wouldnt matter if not all of us can make it each time. We all know that kids can be very unpredicatble when it comes to illnesses 2! X X
  • Hi all I have left a message on facebook too! Fridays are not great for me either but could work round things and the only place i could think of that everyone knows is bluewater? xx
  • Have found teh group. Ignore my email via facebook and join the facebook group that Laura has sent you a request for image
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