Formula Milk at 1 year old, weaning them off it?


Ella is 1 next Thursday and she's still having 16oz milk each day.
4oz in morning
5oz at 2pm
7oz at 7pm

I've tried taking away the morning feed but she was not happy. And Ive already reduced the feeds as she was having a couple oz more with each bottle not long ago.
She still wants these feeds so how do I wean her off them?

Im happy for her to have the night feed until she is 2 but I thought a 1 year old doesnt need any more in the day? I dont remember this with my first baby

Is anyone else weaning their babies off formula?



  • My LO isnt 1 yet but is 11 months next week and shes on just 2 bottles a day now. I cut out the daytime one about a month ago just by giving her a snack and a drink at around the same time.
    Sometimes its just habit that they want the bottle and not actually that they ''need' it.
    This is my first so Im by no means an expert but maybe try replacing it with something else and she might not even notice? My LO did the first time I tried so I left it for a couple of weeks and then when I eventually took it away she wasnt at all bothered.x
  • Hi Sarahboo, yes Ive tried replacing with snack but about half hr to an hour later she gets upset and I just knew it was bottle she wanted and was happy once I gave it to her.
    DD1 was not bothered either lol x
  • my boy stopped having formula at 10 1/2months due to refusal so I weaned him onto cows milk but he still had a morning and evening bottle until he was about 18months, then he dropped the morning but he will be 3 in two months and he still has a beaker of mlk at tea time
    if they want it let them have it I say. Milk is good for them!!!

    I was still having milk every day even when I was at school cause back in the 80's we were given it free at school
  • Thats why Im happy for her to still have milk before bed. I gave dd1 1+ yr formula at bed until she was 2.
    She also gets milk free in the mornings at school but I have to pay for it once she's 5 in Jan.
    Ella will be having cows milk when shes 1
  • We dropped the afternoon feed when ds was about 11 months old. I found he wasn't eating as much at teatime and as soon as we stopped the afternoon milk he ate more. He still has 7oz in the morning and 7oz before bed and we are just trying to get him to drink from a cup now! We changed to growing up milk when he turned 1 and will stick to that for now as it has vitamins etc.. in.
  • Thannks Sazzle
    Will try taking away the 2pm feed today, see how we go xx
  • This might sound completley irrelevant but maybe you could get her to pick a 'special cup' - take her to mothercare or somewhere and let her pick her own cup and put milk in it rather than the bottle...then maybe try changing the drink with time? Maybe it's just the bottle rather than the milk because it's comforting to suck? Just a thought x
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