Upset 2day! (not baby related)

Last night was my bil's 21st n as it was a suprise party my oh took his brother out 2 the pub 1st then 2 the place where the party was! Oh went out b4 i was ready but saw bil's gf on his way out n told her how beautiful she looked (which she did) mil then arrived n he said same 2 her! When he got 2 the party he came over 2 see our lo n his older lo n just said 2 me 'do u want a drink?' i feel really upset, its 1st time we've been out since lo was born n i had new dress, new shoes n had my hair n nails done! He didnt even tell me i looked nice, then he spent all night with his brothers friends, danced with his mum n aunties n sat down when i got up! I ended up bringin the kids home n he stayed til the end, came home drunk n fell in 2 bed n thats where he still is! Sorry 4 the rant, just wanted 2 get it off my chest coz i feel like all i'm good 4 is lookin after his kids n not 4 bein his partner! X


  • I wouldnt have been able to have put up with that without some for of harmless retaliation and a few leading (cutting) questions to OH in front of his family members. If I had to I would have gone as far as to do a little bit of harmless flirting with his family members in front of him. I would have talked him into saying how beautiful me and LO looked in front of witnesses as well.

    Bet you did look loveley though - some people dont understand that there are days that we need to be told we are beautiful (even if we dont feel it cus have been awake all night with LO and havnt had a wash yet LOL) - even when we dont feel it, to help us feel good for the day. OH's family probably didnt say anything cus they were jelous, LOL.


    P.S. Make OH suffer today. You will feel better for it LOL
  • Well I hope he's making it up to you today...and feeling like poo :lol:

    Men can be so inconsiderate sometimes! I can sympathise as my oh never compliments me at all! It wouldn't matter if I looked a million dollars it would always go unnoticed.
    I guess it balances out though as he never comments when I look like crap so suppose I can't moan!
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