What do I do with pineapple?

Bought one a few days ago, but haven't got a clue what to do with it!! We don't eat pineapple ourselves!! Does it need to be steamed like I would do with apple then mash it and freeze it? Or does it just get mashed and frozen while still raw?!

Thanks xx


  • how old is your LO?

    we slice it and give it as finger food, its a bit of an aquired taste though on its own, i suppose you could blitz it, not sure it would mash?
  • hmmm i think it can be alittle acidic

    i found this, maybe it will help:

    " Pineapple is not a citrus fruit (it's related to the bromeliad family actually.) however it can be acidic. Processed pineapple tends to be less acidic due to the processing and sugar/syrup that it's packed in; but we're sure you'd rather not give pineapple out of the can. If your baby does not have any food intolerance's and has shown no propensity to getting rashes due to foods, then you might give it a try around 10 months old. Many parents do feed their little ones pineapple around 8 months old.

    For pineapple, mash it up and add it to yogurt, cereal, chicken (yum.) even sweet potatoes. Pineapple tends to be fibrous and if it's too fibrous, give it a gentle steam and see if it softens up enough for your baby. "

    this is the site i got that from:
  • when ds was on purees i would whizz it and mix it with some other fruit (like pear, peach, mango, banana) or add it to some plain yoghurt. once he was about 7/8months though i started giving it to him in slices too xx
  • We just gave slices from 6 months and Tess was fine with it. Although she didn't like it very much the first couple of times.
  • I have given Toby pineapple slices as a finger food a couple of times - he screws his face up and blinks really hard a few times at first but then reaches for more!
  • Thanks ladies, feel a little more knowledgable now about pineapple!! Will just try it and see what she thinks! Xx
  • Double post!

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