Double buggy advice please? i-candy?

Hi all
My dd will be 18 months when my baby is born (August hopefully!) and I wondered if anyone had a double buggy and if they would recommend it? I quite like the i candy peach but it is very expensive? I also like to look at lo when out walking but I know options for this are limited. Does anyone have any advice?

doddles x

(also in toddler)


  • Hi just wanted to say I did a similar post in Pregnancy and some lovely ladies have given some awesome ideas! xx
  • Hi
    We have a first wheels city twin which is excellent. It is completely independent in that I can slot a pram facing me on one side and a seat on the other side that can face either way. every thing swaps and changes however you want. We found it perfect - however our son is now 3 and wants to walk everywhere so we are going to be selling it on ebay tonight(where we got it from as it was too expensive new).
    We chose this one because like you we wanted one where the seats/cot faced us if we wanted.
  • Thanks potty totty! I'll nip over and have a look!
    Alfie & oskars mummy - thanks for the recommendation, I hadn't heard of that one, sounds fab!
    Thanks for you replies!
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