Please help! LO won't eat

Hiya my LO is 7 months old and I've been weaning him for abuot 6 weeks now. At first he was fine - he took to all the purees, baby rice etc really quickly and I thought I was so lucky! But for the past couple of weeks, whenever I try to feed him with a spoon he just spits it out and blows raspberries, then starts crying. At first I thought it was my cooking, but he does it with jars, too.

He's OK with bread, if I break a bit off and pop it in his mouth he'll eat it quite happily. But its so limiting, so I really need to get the spoon thing sorted. I've tried giving him a few lumps in his food, but he's just the same. Then when I take him out of his high chair he'll be nuzzling at my breasts for some milk.

Should I reduce the amount of milk he's having?
Any advice would be very welcome! Thank you xxxxx :\)


  • it could be teething - and he might not like the spoon - or it could be that he's decided he want to eat himself - some babies tend to bypass a stage of weaning and go straight onto Baby led weaning which is finger food and no puree... (google it)

    try rubbing teething gel onto his gums 20 mins before feeding and see if that makes a difference.

  • My LO is exactly the same and i just dont know what to do. he is only 21 weeks tho and hasn't mastered holding things properly yet. He has less milk but it dont make any difference.

    Sorry to gate crash ur post but i'd like to know bout ur advice 2 xxx
  • SY I think you might be right about baby led weaning - he loves to feed himself but I'm really scared that he'll choke! Stupid I know, but he choked on scrambled eggs the other day and he tends to bite off big bits. i know its the only way he'll learn but I'm really scared!! :\(
  • Don't be scared, my LO insisted on on baby-led weaning! My mum keeps buying him jars and powders to make up but I just make an extra piece of toast or give him cucumber/carrot sticks and we eat together. He misses his mouth a lot (once he got distracted and kept hitting his ear, and wondered why he had nothing in his mouth, lol) but he's so satisfied that he can feed himself what he likes.

    Apparently my older sister was the same.

    If you're really worried about choking though, test what foods he's okay with. I can't give my LO chicken, he's too eager to swallow and chokes! He can manage sausage and burger but not chicken ... maybe when he has teeth lol
  • we let ollie feed himself now as well - it is scary the first couple of times they gag/choke but they soon get used to the workings of it.

    Ollie has a meal i make up of veg and meat puree, then also has a mini meal of everything we eat, so if were having steak and chips he has some steak and a few chips...

    he loves peas, and carrots, anything really that he can eat himself - and its just like making a bit extra food when i cook.

    Ollie blows raspberries when eatin now, and i cant help but laugh at him. :lol:

    Ollie also managed to feed himself with a spoon today for th first time, i showed him a few times how to scoop out the moussem then left him to it. It was messy but he managed it image

  • omg today when I was feeding Max he fell asleep, mid-feed, in his high chair! Just out like a light.

    Very strange things are afoot... :\?
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