aptimil hungry milk??

Joshua is 10 wks old and gaining weight quickly, last week it was 1lb in a week! He is 12lb 2oz now from a birth weight of 6lb 14! He is bottle fed on aptimil first and has had no probs but nighttimes are still very patchy!! My health visitor suggested ging Josh Aptimil hungry for his last feed of the evening to try and help him sleep longer and sticking with the normal aptimil for other feeds. Has anyone else done this as im worried about about doing this as its giving different milks but she said it should be ok as its the same brand but she didn't sound too sure. Just wondered if anyone elae has done this and how it went? Would be grateful for any advice xxxx


  • hiya, both my dd's have had aptimil, my eldest went on to number 2 milk at about 4 weeks my youngest at about 6weeks, but i was told NOT to mix the two together as it CAN cause constipation but it might not do?!lol, HV are so confusing!

    you could always try it, it wont do any harm to your lo but if you find them struggling to poo then i would just use the one,

    HTH xxx
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