advise needed on taking bub on a plane

hi girls
i'm flying back to england soon and nervous about taking wade on plane on my own
are they helpful what stufff can i take in my hand luguage for him ? he sits on my lap all the way?
if anyone has taken there baby on a plane pls would be gratful for any advise u might have or what i
can expect. x


  • HI Gio I have never taken Ashton on a plane yet but used to work for an airline! They should be fine about you taken things in your hand luggage, but I would just take what you need as remember you have to carry your bag and Wade! He will sit on your knee throughout with a special lap belt that they will give you on board. You can normally take the pushchair right through to the bording gate with you & someone will take it off you just before you board and give you it back just after you land.
    Only tip i know for a better flight is to try and feed Wade on take off and landing as it will help stop his ears popping as it can be painful for babies! Good luck and I hope all goes well while you are over. xxxx
  • I've flown a few times with my two and the ony thing I would add is that although I've always been able to take the pushchair right to the plane, I've never got it back untill baggage reclaim. If I were you I would take a baby carrier in your hand luggage just incase you don't get your pushchair back stragiht away.
  • Same as Bedhead, we didnt get the pushchair back until baggage reclaim which was a bit poo when we had to go on those wobbly airport buses! Baby carrier is a must!
    Gabe sat on my lap and they do give you a special belt....he was fine and slept through both flights pretty much, we gave him a dummy which must have helped his ears but you can feed him or give a bottle of water if Wade doesnt have a dummy.
    I found the most annoying thing to be customs have to take baby out of the pushchair, fold the pushchair and put it through the detector thingies! Gabe was asleep and it was v annoying lol
    You can take lots in your hand luggage, bottles etc - I found the best thing to do w/ bottles is to fill them with boiled water (1oz more than Lo takes!) cos you'll be asked to taste it. And take the powder seperate, we didnt have to taste this.
    I wouldnt take formula cartons in your hand luggage - we took some and they just made us open them so they were totally useless! A friend who flew with her bub said they did the same with her xx
  • you think people will help me cause i will be on my own like u said to take baby out of pushchair fold it up and put it through one of those things how am i surpose to do all that by myself while carrying wade. i'll have to go buy one of those baby carrier things as i don't have 1. don't know if wade will like going in 1 of those.
  • My experience is the same as Bedhead & Tiger Lilly! To be honest, I saw a woman with a baby in a sling travelling on her own, she was pushing the pushchair and they made her collapse it and take the baby out the sling too and no staff offered to help - a person behind her in the queue did!!
    Try to pack as light as poss in your hand luggage but don't forget a change of clothes in case he's airsick.
    Good luck!
  • thats not good staff not offering to help. god makes me more nervous now :\(
  • That was Manchester airport - they can't be the same everywhere. Please don't worry - you will manage and you'll be fine - I promise!!
  • Hi,
    I took Aoife on a plane on my own when she was about 4 months and no one offered to help me at all! I had to balance the baby on one arm whilst trying to open her bottles to taste the water with the customs guy just grinning at me!! That was at Gatwick! He wouldn't even open the bottles for me! I think he got a kick out of seeing me struggle!

    Sorry that was a bit of a rant! Aoife was absolutely fine though and slept through most of the flight. The only other thing I would suggest is to make sure you have easy layers on Wade so that during the flight you can take a layer off and then get it on again easily at the end of the flight. Aoife got quite warm sitting on my lap all the way!
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