Any advice on weaning off dummy?

Erin will be 10months in jan and i really want to start reducing the amount of dummy use she has. SHe only uses it for naps thing is no matter how hard i try to get her into a routine with naps she just won't sleep longer than 1/2 an hour at a time and so cat naps through the day sometimes she can have 4 naps a day and she fights so hard to stay awake she gets really cross and moans and moans i've tried controlled crying but she just gets in to much of a state. Night time is not a problem because her routine is bath bottle bed and usually she's so tired she will go off without her dummy, but in the day the dummy really helps?

Any advice would be much appreciated xx


  • hi hun just wont to say hi long time no see dummys faith has one in her hand and in month when she goes to sleep i not realy got any advice i just wonted to hello
  • hi hun, sorry i haven't been in touch lately, i left u a note on fb earlier, its so hard now Erin is mobile! and with working and everything i meant to send you a xmas card but didn't send any in the end apart from ones with pics of erin in to family. Thanks for mine hun, hows faith now your status said she has been poorly again, poor lil thing?
  • she end in hospital just before christmas she keeps picking every thing up she all ways ill she bin reffered to hospital about her weight on 13 as she keeps on loseing it
  • Oh no you must be so worried they really need to get to the bottom of whats going on now, you must be getting so annoyed with not knowing what the cause of all this is, sending you lots of hugs xx
  • thank you love talk soon i need to go to bed
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