Changing from Aptamil to SMA Stay Down - any advice?

Dear All,

my lo seems to be suffering from quite bad refliux and the hv has recommended moving to Stay Down formula. We have now got hold of the SMA Stay Down & know that sometimes changing formula can have a negative affect on baby's digestive system. I was just wondering if anyone has switched formula & had any advice so I can make this transition as smooth as possible?

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  • When we switched, I just swapped straight over to Staydown and the girls were fine, no adverse effects. If you are worried, you could always mix the two and up the quantity of Staydown/reduce the quantity of Aptamil at each feed over a few days.

    The reason I didn't do this was that I thought that it would be better for us to see whether the Staydown worked and if we mixed it with normal formula. it would've taken longer to see whether it was working but it really depends on what you prefer to do for your LO

  • We mixed the two formulas, gradually increasing the amount of bottles compared to SMA compared to aptamil.

    We didnt have any problems, only reason we did it that way is cause the dr only gave up 1 tin to start with, and told us to mix it.

    Think we started with 1 bottle a day of SMA, and gradually increased it over 2 weeks.
  • Thank you for your replies. I've gone straight onto the staydown as I wanted to be able to see what the difference/benefit was in comparison to the ordinary milk. His reflux is still an issue, it's just not in such large quantities as before.

    I was a bit bothered that he might become constipated, but this hasn't been a problem judging by the 3 dirty nappies we've had in the last 24 hours!

    Thanks for your help,
    much appreciated,
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