Dry Skin

Hi Mums and Bbies,

Evie has really dry skin on her hands and feet, does anyone know what or if anything i should put on it

Alex and Evie xxx



  • I just used vaseline on my lo's hands & feet when he was newborn, cos they were really dry and flaky. xx
  • Kelsie had eczema sp?! and the DR prescribed her aveeno cream. Its brilliant and works really quick, within an hour or son the dry patch as completly gone! My lil brother uses oilatum and swears by it! Maybe not swears by it. as he's only 8 :lol: but it is good!!

  • I was told to use olive oil on my lo's dry skin patches by the doc and hv. I didn't see much of a difference. Then, one day I put too much sudacrem on my finger so put some on her dry skin and it made it much better!
  • Hi
    When Charlotte was newborn she had exactly the same thing. My mw said it was normal as they do sometimes shed a little bit of skin after being born as they are so used to being kept wet in your womb their skin just dries out a lot when born. It should pass soon but you can rub a little bit of olive oil onto her skin - a tiny bit though. Because it's a natural oil this is the best thing to use. When I did baby massage we used olive oil instead of creams. Don't use baby oil as this acts more like a barrier on the skin & wont sink in & may irritate her.
  • Hi, I also use sudacrem on my lo's dry skin patches which I have found works really well.

  • Frankie is 4 weeks and she has dry skin too. I bought a tub of E45 cream and i have been using that. It works really well and HV said its fine to use.
  • I think i'll try the sudacream and E45 and see which works the best. Thanks.

    Alex & Evie xxx
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