Big baby!

So missed BE all week , been looking after my LO all week , he has a cold & cough, and also looking after my BIG one (hubby) Who has man flu.... he being such a big jessie about it.... so Ive been so so so busy going back and forth to chemist, giving meds, making teas, coffees and soups!!!! Im shattered, just had to nip on a get a quick BE fix b4 I get withdrawal symptoms... then back to playing nurse : - (... Men!!! if I catch it I bet there will be no-one to look after me!! xxxxxxxxxx


  • I had the sickness bug thats going around last week. Then at 1am, Nathan had severe diarreah, 3am,dd threw up on her carpet, 6am dd threw up again.
    9am - oh still in bed.
    2pm - oh having a nap on sofa
    9pm - oh goes to bed as he "thinks" he might be catching it.
    Did he? Did he heck. Bloody useless, I gave him a right bollocking the next day!

  • lol Man Flu makes me laugh. There is a fellow in my work and when he coughs we always slag him about having man flu. He gets stick real bad from us. It is an office full of girls though. Man flu is severe. They think they need hospitalised when they sneeze lol. We have to batter on when we are sick.
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