Weve just been to the doctors and were told Connor (6mths) will need to be circumcised. Weve been referred to a paediatric urologist and the doctor said Connor would have to go under?
Is this right? Im scared about him having a general anesthetic.
Have anyones babies been circumcised and if you dont mind me asking what is involved?


  • Big hugs. I would be scared of a general too. But I would rather he had it then be in pain as I don't think they can anaesthetise that particular area!
    I guess it's better to get it done sooner rather than later as hes still in nappies and at least won't be messing with it!
    No experience as Gabe isn't circumsised though and I dont know anyone who is...
  • Thats true i dont want him in pain, ive been googling and i think im gunna stop now cuz im freaking myself out!
    Thanks for replying
  • Hiya,

    It is quite a scary thought and i think for cosmetic reasons it's unecesary and old fashioned, but for medical reasons then it's a positive thing if it improves your lo's life! In the states it is still quite common practise to circumcise little boys, and it is quite a simple operation - at least putting him under will mean no distress and no memory of it! My parents used to live in the states and moved back over here when i was born and they were offered it with my older brother but refused, but they knew lots of people that had it done and have no scary stories about it at all, so try not to worry xxx
  • Oh yes, forgot to add... step away from google!!
  • def get off that google!!
    i would rather him be put under than have any memory of what was happening. he's a healthy little boy, he will be fine under a general im sure.
    big hugs, hope it all goes ok xxxx
  • Ok Ok im off google!
    Thanks for all your support
  • hey,

    my dh was circumcised for medical reasons, I think his brother was too.

    it's better to have it done than cause any problems and i'm sure it's a straight forward routine proceedure. He should be fine under the general as they will take good care of him and monitor him closely.
  • Hi rainbow. My dh and his siblings had it for medical reason. No problems for any of them.

    Easier said than done I know. Try and think positively otherwise you will be full of worry. I personally this it will be better under general for him. plus being so young he wont know whats happening and wont remember it,. Big hugs xxx
  • my nephew had it done for medical reason when he was
    18 months- he stayed in hospital 1 night and was fine. he recovered really quick too.

    he had general too. if i'm honest i think the worst thing for him was being away from his twin brother
  • Hi,
    I had my son circumcised at 18 months as my partner had it done and it was a tradition in his family! My son was fine although he had it done at a private clinic where they do it for religious reasons rather than the hospital. The only time he cried was when he came round as he wanted to wee but was scared, once he had weed he was fine and I bathed him in salt water every day to heal. The next day he was up about and playing and it didn't bother him in the slightest. The docotr gave us anti biotics after as a precaution but all was ok. I am expecting a second boy and will be having it done much earlier this time at about 5 months.
    Your lo will be fine, better done sooner rather than later.
  • My hubby had it done for medical reasons but he was about 5yrs I think and it wasn't done under a general... he remembers it bless him! So although I have no experience myself (clearly) and with other young babies, I'd recommend a general. My friend at work recently had to put her 3yr old under a general to remove a TB growth on her neck - the hospital were AMAZING with her - I think they are generally FAB and far much better with kids and babies.

    If we have a boy, I won't know what to do with it (as in cleaning!!!) as I'm so used to hubby not having one (and I much prefer it like that!!!) plus I've not been around boy babies too much!!!

    Joo xxx
  • the poor thing i have to take charlie in for a check up in two months for his penis and im hoping that noting needs done about it x
  • hi, am christian and circumcision is compulsory for boys by religion but i don hav any boys but if i did they'll hav it don. its not as bad as people think.
    4 of my nephews hav had it don at jus days old n they were fine by the next day n as daniluca said it was done at a jewish religious centre but ur little boy will be fine.
    Try not to worry to much about it luv, it'll all go well
  • Joo -
    You don't need to do anything with it lol. DON'T ever ever pull the foreskin back to clean it (or let anyone else do it) until your boy is old enough to do it himself...just clean it like you would a finger, lol!

  • thanks everyone.
    Maybe a silly question but if hes put under a general would he have to go nil by mouth seeing as hes so young?
  • Suspect he would still need to be nil by mouth as the reason for this is to stop anything coming back up and potentially choking you whilst you're under. But with him being so young I'd presume he'd get priority on the theatre list so should be operated on as early as poss in the day.
    Being completely nosy now but (if you don't mind me asking) what is a medical reason for circumcision? I knew that some religions circumcise as a tradition but didn't know there could be medical reasons for it. See, you learn something new every day!
  • Dont know how we are going to refuse him food image
    Hes being circumcised because his foreskin is very tight which leads to infections and it also balloons when he wees which can cause bladder problems
  • slightly late in replying so hope still relevant.

    my lo was circumcised at 6 months for both religious and medical reasons. had it done at a private clinic where they just numbed the area, so can't somment on having a general. the skin was cut and the held back by a plastic ring that fell off after a week or so. i won't lie to you, he was in pain for the first few hours but after the night he was ok. obviously the area was very sensitive and he would flinch when i had to clean there. the problem i had was keeping him off his front. he had just started to roll over at the time and just wanted to keep doing it!

    i was told to bath him in salt water twice a day to help the healing process. the longer he stayed in the better. fortunately he likes his baths.

    hope this helps a bit
  • Thankyou it does help. Im hoping the specialist says he wont need a general
  • I know its not a circumcision, but my goddaughter who is 7 months old has just had a hernia op under general. I know she wasn't allowed milk after a certain time in the early hours, then was allowed juice for a bit longer, and they had to have her in for 7am so I think she was fairly early on the list for the op. She was groggy for a couple of days after the anasthetic but since then has had no side effects.

    Also - I had 3 eye ops before I was 18 months old, all under general and I don't remember anything at all - so definately best to get the op done while he's still young.

    Hope that helps a bit.
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