Does anyone have a Maxi Cosi Tobi Car Seat??

If so, what do you think of it as this is the next stage car seat we are thinking of getting and just wanted to know what people think of it! xx


  • I. JUST. LOVE. IT. Nuff said. I adore my carseat more than anything!

    I spent so long looking up different ones and saw this as a spur-of-the-moment-shining-halo-carseat!

    Its so lightweight for a forward facing one, its not too much trouble to change it between cars
    Its so easy to tilt back for snoooooozes - i can do it while i'm driving with one hand
    Its not too big (i have a fiesta) for Harry or the car
    Harry doesn't look drowned in it (he's just 9 months)
    Its realllly easy to belt in and doesn't take too much to make it REALLY sturdy-safe.
    Its a SEXY colour (mines jet black - goes with my car lol)

    I LOVE IT!

    Very much recommended! xxxx
  • I have one and also love it. Easy taken in and out, very comfy as Luke sleeps alot in it. Luke has been in it since 6 months as he weighed 20lbs and his infant one was away too small and getting danger. The easy release on the belt works well and it handy as i can do it from the front so if its raining i dont get absolutely soaked. Definately a worth while buy.
  • We have this for our dd, and its wonderful!! Easy to use, and we feel really confident she's safe. The straps are comfy, and unlike some the buckle part isn't massive - so again making her more comfortable. We were going to get the isofix one because it got a good which review. But the man at kiddicare said it was the same seat so if we didn't have a compatible car (which we don't) there was no point. x
  • Yep can highly recommend it. Ellie loves her red one
  • i also have it and love it!! my cousin & friend have also bought it floowing my love of it, and they love their's too!!

    well worth the ??135 i spent on it!!
  • Fantastic! Thanks girls, looks like I am going to get this one sooner rather then later as my lo will be too big for his soon xx
  • Glad this has been posted as we will soon be getting Grace her next stage carseat, we did look at this one but think we will defo go for it now!! Thanks

  • I've also got this car seat - ok my son has! And we also love it, agree with all the above. We've even got the pilot playtray that attaches to it and keeps James happy when I'm driving.

    Mothercare are selling it for ??175, but we got ours on Amazon for ??137!!

  • i got mine from preciouslittleones or - can't remember which! It was 132 at the time for the black one or 137 for the other colours. DON\T GET IT FROM HALFORDS!!!! xxxx
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