tummy time and a very proud mummy :D

Frankie has always hated tummy time. Last few weeks she hasnt hated it as much cos she cam hold her head up and have a nosey. Yesterday she learnt how to roll from her front to her back. Now she will stay on her tummy for about 30 seconds before flipping over.

My HV was really adament that tummy time was important but never really explained why. Does it matter that she wont stay on her tummy? Im worried this means she wont learn to crawl or something!!! Shes only 11 weeks so maybe im worrying prematurely and she will eventually stay on her tummy for more than 30 seconds.

Im so proud that she can roll over though! :\)


  • Don't worry, she is just exploring her new-found talents! When Beth first learnt to roll she was the same, I'd put her down and she would just flip over. But when the novelty wore off she would stay on her tummy for longer. Hopefully you'll find that she becomes even more confident on her tummy because she will know that she can change position when she is ready to.
  • Yay to you both! Joseph still doesn't like tummy time even though he can hold his head up and will only go 5 minutes before getting upset (i heard they need about 30 mins a day from about 3 months so am going to put him on his tummy a few times a day) Tummy time is meant to help them to eventually crawl so I would praise Frankie when she rolls over then put her back on her front and keep doing it, that way she is practicing rolling lots as well as having tummy time! I think you don't need to worry at this stage, and continue to just be proud of her!
  • Hv's do seem to have a thing about tummy time! Louise used to hate tummy time unless she could see in a mirror!

    As well for helping with learning to crawl tummy time can help stop lo's gert a flat head.

    I was told to put a rolled up towl under Louise's chest to help her though I found the end of her change mat best! And to make sure she has something nice to look at.

    Well done for the rolling over! Clever girl!

    Louise now rolls on to her tummy and is getting more and more happy on it - my opinion is now that yes do offer tummy time but they'll be happy on thier tummys when they're ready for it so dont worry too much!!
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