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The answer to this is probably really obvious (well, except to me!!) so I'll apologise in advance for being so daft.

Do you have to cook mango before you can give it as a puree to babies? My oldest eats it but he's nearly 3 so he has it just as it comes. I would like to mix it with some other fruits for Alex but not sure if I have to cook it first as it's quite a soft fruit anyway?


Kelly x


  • not silly question as i would like to know this... i think you just mask it???? not sure i'll see if someone responds! how old your lo?
  • hi

    he's 7 months on friday. he got off to a really bad start with weaning and it's taken ages to get him into a routine with it, it wasn't that he didn't like the food i was making, he just wasn't interested in eating it, i think he knew it was easier just to drink his milk!

    now we've finally cracked it i'm trying to make sure he's getting loads of variety in his meals.

    kelly x
  • my lo is 6 months on 6th June - been trying to wean for a while with no luck... then week 20 found he liked rusks so stuck to that once a day for a while then tried frutiy c&g breakie which took a few days but he ate... then other day i did pureed pear took 5 days for him to eat... still gags a bit! then tried carrot sooooo didn't work - think i made it too thick, i'm soooo rubbish at this weaning lark i thought it would be easy and fun, how wrong was i!
    then last few days he has refussed the rusk and fruity cereal... sealing mouth shut and blowing it off spoon... then if i persiist screaming at me! then last night i tried the little starts petit flouis and he ate the whole pot... nebver seen him eat that well!!! but don't think he should just have that.... gonna have to persist with veg and fruit purees or he's going to be fussy!!!!
  • In answer to the mango question - as long as it is ripe you do not have to do anything to it, just puree it to the right consistency.

    Weaning has been a lot harder than I imagined. My lo is only 5 months but has always been very hungry so started feeding him quite early. Some days though he is just not interested other days he will scoff anything. The other thing I find amazing is that just because something is their favourite one day doesn't mean it will be the next day! I have also found that he doesn't seem to like bland foods, he loves stuff with plenty of flavour.

    At first I got quite disheartend by it all, but now I just persist. If he refuses something, I take it away and try him with it again another day. I find he is more fussy on days when he is particularly tired or when his teeth are hurting, which I suppose is normal.

    good luck to you all and hope the mango goes down well!
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