Is it too cold? And what should I wear?

I want to start taking my lo swimming (he's 7 months), but I'm worried the water in the pool will be too cold. He loves it in the bath but he has it quite warm. I've bought him a wetsuit, and a swim seat so we're all ready to go, just worried about the temp as pools tend to be quite cool. Also, what do you wear to cover up the wobbly bits and stretchmarks? Ive looked into buying costumes and tankinis but most tend to be quite old fashioned and I'm only 19 so want to be trendy! Also they are quite expensive and I'm on a tight budget, so has anyone got suggestions?
Would be greatly appreciated,


  • Rhys has a little wt suit but first time we went he was just in a swim nappy but didn't seem cold at all. the pool we go to is a private 1 tho and usually nice and warm.

    Means don't have to worry bout wobbly bits lol. But i've got a halter neck cossie that pretty flatterin was from asda I think was only bout a tenner so not overly expensive x
  • hi nicola! i'm in the same boat regarding age, i'm 19 too and my tums looks like raspberry ripple ice cream!! lol. i got an all in one cozzy from primark, it was four quid or something, i right bargain but it's bright red and low cut and really trendy. covers my tum up but OH says i look like somebody from baywatch (i think he's blind but hey ho!) lol.
  • Ok thanks! Are they underwired as well? I've got 38E boobs so I'm really paranoid that they would look like spaniels ears without underwiring lol! Plus because of the size of boobs the things don't fit me! ARGH! It's such a pain finding things that fit! There is a public pool near us that has a heated baby pool so think that should be ok, although it isn't really warm, but I'll try there anyway. xx
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