loss of appetite or battle of wills?

until now my LO has been a great eater we have done a mixture of BLW and mashed spoon feeding and he has eaten more or less everything offered to him but the last 2 days he has hardly eaten anything! We couldn't rely soley on BLW as he isnt into milk at all and the most he ever drinks in a day is 10oz! he is getting really good with feeding himself but has become so fussy! he wont take food from a spoon and if i offer him something he wont take it...i have to leave it on the table (almost like it isnt for him) and he will then reach out and grab it and start happily munching on it! he is cutting tooth number 7 and has been a bit grotty with a runny bum (TMI) i am just wondering if this is purely a lack of appetite or he is stamping his authority at the dining table!!! the only thing he will take from a spoon is yoghurt/fromage frais or fruit pots but i am trying not to rely on these to fill him up as i have a terrible sweet tooth and desperate for him not to inherit this from me!
should i just let him carry on with feeding himself and see if he starts to eat a bit more or should i persevere with the spoon feeding and see if he stops the refusal?

anyone else's LO starting messing about at the dinner table?

ps. He has just turned 8months!


  • I could have written this post!! Evan has just turned 9 months, and pretty much for the last week has made himself sick, or has been sick if i've managed to get spoon fed stuff down him. I'm so frustrated as he can't live on fruitpots/yogurts alone. I just feel like I'm such a crap mum at the moment. He's never liked my home made stuff, and he's now started refusing jars. He eats such tiny amounts when he feeds himself. Hope someone can offer advice? Sorry for the hijack, by the way!!

    Janine xx
  • we had some success today with me loading the spoon but it wasnt enough to keep a fly alive! he also ate a fishfinger, and some raisins! Not a lot but at least something!
    lets hope someone can offer some miraculous advice!
  • my lo is just like this. Never been keen on milk. Would eat from spoon at start, then only fruit or yog, and eventually no spoon at all. With her it's totally an independance thing. She wants to do everything herself. In the end we moved to purely finger foods and she is so much happier this way. She learnt to eat this way really quickly once it was the only option. She's still not a great eater. Since getting top teeth it has to be food she can properly bite into, so no rice, mashed potato etc. But we recently discovered she will happily suck fruit puree or yog from a pouch which helps!

    We basically just go with the flow now. Sometimes she will let me feed her a couple of spoons. I keep offering foods like rice but don't force the issue.

    Good luck! X
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