Boob Job after Baby?

Well as we've completed our family I was thinking I'll have one~? Good idea or not? I really can't decide. If I were to have it done it would be the tasteful style (not the stuck-on look) where I'd go up to a 34D (I am 34B-C atm depending on if boobs are full or not...still bf) Obviously, I'd wait until I'm completly finished feeding Kyra. If just that I'm so used to having fuller, firmer breasts while breast feeding and after she has fed, they go down to a B cup and feel so small!

I also don't like the idea of having to have them replaced every 10-15 years! xox


  • I am a c cup now. Was a B before got pg. Although i'm a small C if that makes sense. I've often said to oh that I would like a boob job but he likes small boobs - lol!!
    If you have finished your family and have the money it's the perfect time to consider. If you do decide I would make sure you know all the pros & cons.
    I think I'll just stick to a push up bra for now!!
  • i had mine done in october 2007 but i need them re doing as the surgeon f*cked up and put my nipples back on too high (had reduction, uplift and implants) i should be getting them re-done at the end of the year.

    make sure that you research, reasearch ,research the surgeon. i went to a good clinic (birkdale clinic) did all the checks etc but now wish i hadnt gone there.

    be aware that alot of things can go wrong too. i was left with my scars still open when they took out the stiches and took 6 weeks to heal. infact i still have stitches in my nipples now that they forgot to remove.
    also check how long a warrenty you will get. i get 3 years with these so it wont cost me to have them re done (although i may be suing the surgeon)

    also they dont need to be replaced anymore as they have changed the type of implant they use. so you will only need them re done if they drop or want to go bigger/smaller.

    sorry if this is all jumbled. having a bad day with my ME

    38 weeks today!
  • My honest advice would be this, if its what you want, and your circumstances are right then go for it. Its your body, and ultimatley your desicion. The only thing I would say is make sure you do your research very carefully before the op. I have considered surgery to make mine smaller. I'm a 38E and have constant back aches, partly due to having 2 epidurals in a year too image If we could afford it, and the kids werent so young, I would definatly consider having mine reduced.

    But honestly, its what you want then go for it chick!


  • Thank you Beccie for that advice it's very much appreciated. The surgeon/hospital you went to sounds very incompetant! Forgetting to remove At least you'll be having to correction done for free...having warrenty on them didn't even occur to me, so thanks for that! I hope you'll be very happy with them when they've been re-done! And good luck with the baby! xox

    Oh forgot to ask, has pregnancy affected your boobs at all? Just incase I got preggers after having them done. xox
  • nope, pregnancy hasnt changed my boobs one little bit. i'm still a DD cup, just gone up a back size. and i was warned that i may not produce milk and there is no problems there.
    the tip is good support bras.

  • Thanks everyone for your replies! I will consider what you've said and think very carefully before doing it. I am also quite religious too and believe my body is not wholly mine, that I'm sort of borrowing it if you know what I mean and I'll also have to take that into account too before doing something so drastic to it. xox
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