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grey poo?

Hiya, i wonder if anyone can offer any advise

My darling LO is 13 weeks and was soley breast fed for the first 10 weeks and then mixed fed for the past 3 ( as she wasnt putting on weight). On Friday i decided to completely give up breast feeding and for the past three days she has been soley formula fed. I put her on Aptamil 1 and so far she has had no problemsimage She is used to a bottle as have ben expressing since she was 4 weeks so hubby could help feeding etc.
Anyway, her poo has been slightly thicker as expected and the same colour if not a little darker yellow?
BUT... tonight when i was getting her ready for bed i changed her nappy and her poo was a light grey paste like poo??? Now ive looked on the net and advise ranges from nothing to worry about to possible liver complaints??? Ive spoken to NHS Direct but they have a 10 hour call back wait and said although she is so young she is not a priority.
So, other than this one grey poo she has been fine in herself, she has no temperature and has gone off to sleep like normal?

Any ideas? Is it just a change in diet or should i be more concerned? Hubby seems to think its nothing to worry about as she is fine in herself???

Thanks for all you help in advance

Sue and London 13 weeks and 3 days


  • I would keep an eye on the poo and ring your HV if you're worried. My HV have two time slots each day that they are available for us to ring them. Hope she is ok!
  • Thankyouimage
    She has had a further 2 grey poos so called the doctors this morning and took her downimage
    She seems to think it is where her system is settling down with the new diet and everything is normal. She thoroughly checked her over, heart, chest, liver breathing etc and she got the all clear so fingers crossed its nothing to worry aboutimage

    Thankyou for replying x
  • Hi Hun,

    I stopped BF at 3 weeks and my LO's first few poo's were grey also, I too worried but now they are back to the stinky yellow stuff xxx
  • Glad she's ok! It is really worrying when you change the nappy and see what delights they have left you! xx
  • Thankyouimage
    Yeah, it is worrying! especially when the net is full of wonderful yet sometimes scary stuff!
    Just to update... her poo is now back to normal! yellow and ickyimage
    Thankyou again for your help x
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