How much food at 8 months?

The boys seem to eat for England, but I dont have anyone to compare them too, and I am feeding 2 so it always seems like loads!

We have just dropped another bottle in favour of a snack so this is their routine with amounts...does this seem about right? It doesnt seem like theyre ever going to stop eating aand will eat whatever they are given!

6.30am - 6oz Bottle
7.30am - 50g of porridge mixed with 150ml of water and 4 fruit icecubes
10am - Large-ish pot of jelly and half a banana/3 or 4 Organix Crisps each
12pm - 12 veg/meat cubes followed by 6 fruit cubes
2/3pm - 6oz Bottle (although they dont tend to finish it)
4.30pm - 12 icecubes followed by 6 fruit cubes
6pm - 6oz Bottle (although they have started only taking half)

(This is between them, apart from bottles)

Im worried about them taking less milk as they cant have dairy so this is their only source. What do your 7/8/9 month olds eat? Is this normal or do I need to cut it down/give them more?


  • your boys seem to have the same as my ds.
    typical day would involve:
    7am - 7oz
    8-8.30am half bowl of porridge (about 5 heaped tablespoons), half a piece of fruit and half piece of toast
    11.30am - lunch - 6 heaped tablespoons of pureed food
    1.30pm - 7 oz
    4.40pm tea - 6 heaped tablespoons of food
    7.30pm 7 oz

    plus snacks in between, so he'' have 2 yogurts, some rice snacks, other bits of finger food.

    i think they are funny as eat more than we do in a typical day!!

  • Hi Gemma, this sounds pretty similar to Charlie, he's a bit of an eating machine too, and has dropped bottles, and his day is almost the same as yours..

    7-7:30am milk 7oz
    8am, porridge, 2 dessert spoons and any left over milk
    10:30ish just started to give snack, Humzinger fruit thing or organix crisps or fruit
    12pm lunch, 100g which seems to be about 8 smallish ice cubes and this always has meat, ie chicken hotpot and fruit pot
    3pm 7oz milk, sometimes guzzels the lot, sometimes only wants about 4oz
    4-4:30pm tea 100g veg only eg cauliflower cheese, sweet potato and cinnamon, butternut squash/ toast fingers - 1 piece of bread crusts cut off (Mummy's bit, lol!) Yoghurt
    6:30 7-8oz milk

    I worry about over feeding, but since he's been on 3 meals a day his weight gain has steadied more than when just on milk and he's following his line perfectly now, as opposed to jumping up each time we go which is what he was doing, lol!!!

    Hope your gorgeous boys are doing well, how is their skin at the mo? xxxx
  • Thanks for your replies.

    RJ84 - We seem to have turned a corner recently. They were 8 months yesterday and are doing really well. I have found what seems to be at the moment, a miracle cure for their skin *touches wood* - E45! I bought some when the paed where we went for blood tests said 'Oh, well I think we should get this under control!' - What did she think I was trying to do??

    Alfie's skin is looking fab! He hasnt had the piriton for the last few nights (doesnt seem to itch as much) and its now harder to tell them apart! lol!

    Thing is, they dont seem to want to stop and cry when were finished. The last week or so we have gone from 8 cubes per meal, + pudding, to 12 cubes and still being hungry! I think I might try putting some more in and see if they eat it. They arent sick hardly ever, apart from the odd spit up, so I dont think theyre eating too much.

    Theyre also growing really well. Alfie has gone from the 2nd percentile to just above the 25th and Ryan has gone from the 2nd to just above the 50th!! They just LOVE food! Just like mummy!! lol!
  • Oh, and Lara, sorry! They cant have Soya as the reaction is the same as when they were on milk. It gives them tummy ache and bad nappies. We tried yoghurt for a while. The paed said this could sometimes be the case. So we stopped. Now waiting for the results of the allergy tests they had last friday.
  • So pleased the boys are doing well, you've just been amazing with them, especially as I know you're back at work. I've got to go in after half term for a couple of mornings (we're lucky and get 2 wks in our area for whit if the school chooses image) to meet the new yr 3's. Eeep! Dreading it already. How did you find it going back, I just feel like I've forgotten everything!

    Anyway, I feel I've digressed, back to purees, lol! I don't think you can overfeed per say as if they've had too much, I find C spits it back up, or doesn't open his mouth and starts playing with the spoon!

  • So pleased your boys are doing well hun. Just out of interest how big are the cubes you mention?
  • Sounds like you are doing a great job. I kept wondering if I was over or under feeding my LO aswell but I have him weighed once a month. That tells me if I am doing it right and he is on the correct percentile, have you tried that?
  • We have the boys weighed every fortnight, as our centre does weigh in then and I love seeing how much they weigh (from the days when we were weighing them in hospital and were desperate for them to put on weight so we could go home!) They are doing well weight wise.

    SLOW - I use fairly average size plastic (cheap - 97p in Wilkinsons for 2!) ice cube trays.

    RJ - I was petrified on my first day back but, scarily enough, it was like I had never been away!
  • I was having my ds weighed every fortnight but the HV said it was too much - I loved going aswell, maybe I will sneak back again!

    My son was born on the 91st percentile but has now dropped to the 75th, I was told they should stay on the same percentile throughout, do you think it is anything to worry about? I think I haven't been feeding my boy as much but I always offer him more but he doesn't want it. I read somewhere they won't realise their full growth potential if they jump around the percentile lines?

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