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Hi i was just wondering if there were any ladies out there that have had a couple of children when in their 40s, wanted to know if you found it tough because of your age having children so close together? I have 5 children, im 40 and had my 5th this yr, i would like another but it would have to be soon due to my age. Any opinions welcome. xx


  • Thanks Joanne83, im just a bit scared because i have quite big gaps between my children, wasnt sure if it would be too much to take on! I adore all my children and they all get on well even with the age differences, 22, 19, 11, 6, and 5 mths! xx
  • Like joanne says you are only as old as you feel and even though some days that could be as old as 90. I have just had my third at 35 do not know if it was any harder or not than when i had my first at 26 we are definitly more settled and financially secure. My children are 9, 4 and 4 mth.
    Hubby does not want any more children i would keep going but think that 3 children is our limit space, money and time wise.
    good luck in what you decide....
  • Hi i am 40 and had a mc last October keep blaming myself for losing because of my age , now trying again but nothing is happening and worried if I do the same thing will happen again . Feel iv got no one to talk to about this . Has anyone been through the same ?
  • Hi all I'm 39  and expecting number 4, my husband is 52.........and this baby was ALL his idea lol.

    I think you are as young as you feel, within reason, I wouldn't fancy having my first at 40, but we'll hardly notice a 4th lol.

    Good luck ladies x x x 

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