Weaning woes

Hi ladies,

I have a 6 month old, and weaning is a struggle. I started a few weeks ago as he seemed ready, and he was interested initially. I've been giving porridge and purees, but now he seems to have gone off the idea.

He just doesn't seem to have progressed. He only has a few spoonfuls, and sometimes I feel I con him by making him laugh or smile then putting the spoon in. Otherwise he pushes the spoon away.

Am I expecting too much? It's possibly a classic case of watching all the babies in my AN group sitting nicely in the high chair opening their mouths for food, while my LO fusses, cries and most of it ends up on his bib. Also, there doesn't seem to be anything he really likes, when other people happily report their baby wolfed down sweet potato or whatever. I feel I've given a wide range of purees, and now he's 6 months I'm going to try fromage frais, and finger foods.

Sorry to ramble, I suppose i'd just like some reassurance that i'm not the only one struggling and he'll get there eventually. i'm worried about him missing out on nutrients esp iron.


K xx


  • My sister has had this problem with her Lo, who is now 9 months old. What she has found is that LO really doesnt appreciate purees, yet loves pieces of fruit and sandwiches!

    Her LO refused EVERYTHING for ages. She wouldnt even eat a few spoonfuls! She was bf and that was all she would have until a few weeks ago.

    Try not to worry, and keep trying new things. Im sure he will get there!

    Gemma, Ryan and Alfie 21 + 5
  • I sympathise with you. Lily was quite hard work to wean. She has a temper on her and everything would wind her up - having to sit still, the speed of the food. Fortunately though, she's never refused the taste or texture.

    Just wondering - do you make your own purees? I wondered if it would be worth trying your LO with some bought food (Ellas Kitchen do a great range). Sometimes bought food is of a different consistency to the food we make (I always find it much smoother). If your LO refuses the pouch then you'll know that it's just a phase of weaning but I have a couple of friends whose LOs have refused home-made food but loved bought food.
    Not that I'm suggesting you wean your LO on bought food (unless you want to of course) but it might help to rule out the fact that the refusal is down to taste or texture.

    If he loves the bought food then try mixing some fruit with your veg purees or making your purees really runny by adding extra milk or water.

    Another piece of advice I'd give is don't get too worried at this stage about where your LO eats. If the highchair is a faff or his stressing him out, use the bouncy chair/bumbo/your knee if he is happier. The highchair will come eventually. I started weaning the girls using their bouncy chairs as we hadn't bought highchairs yet and they were fine. They went through a phase about a month ago of only wanting to sit in the Bumbo/on the floor to eat but highchairs are now back in favour!

    I found weaning to be a massive game of trial and error but luckily, my girls are wonderful eaters now

  • Its all a big minefield, theres so much to learn!!!

    We started weaning our lo a few weeks ago starting with baby porridge every morning, then gradually moved onto fruit puree for lunch then mash pots for tea and tbh hes never had a lot, if any.

    We decided to try baby led weaning, we just give him the food, he plays with it for a bit then decides if he wants to put it to his mouth and 9 times out of 10 he will and i actually think that although hes not having a lot, hes getting more that way than when we were feeding him.

    Hes tried different kinds of finger foods, banana, toast, breadsticks, carrot sticks, broccoli. I've found its a lot less stressful than trying to give him something he doesn't want to eat.

    He got his first tooth yesterday and don't think it will be long before he starts learning how to chew rather than suck on his food.

    Good luck

  • thanks ladies, I appreciate it xx
  • I had the same problem with my lo. He'd just gone past the puree stage by the time i started him at 6 months. I went straight onto finger foods instead and he really took to them.

    I perserverd with the spoon as i wanted him to eat yoghurt/porridge etc, even now, at 11 months he sometimes needs a toy or something to distract him but he open his mouth for it.

    Just stick with it, your baby will honestly grow to eat plenty of solids but it does take time. I expected too much at first, i thought he'd be like that baby on the cow and gate advert who gobbles up her porridge with a big smile on her face!

    The most important thing in all of this is not to stress (or at least show that you're stressed) keep meal times fun, if he doesn't want it, just take it away, give lots of praise when a mouth-full goes in.

    I would definatley give BLW a go. Start with a steamed carrot stick, or baby corn and a finger of toast xx
  • Thanks, I will try the finger foods i think. I'm trying to be positive and just been shopping and bought lots of things that could be made into finger food so hopefully that will work. I did try him on some carrot sticks last week. he managed to find his mouth so maybe he will be better at BLW.

    The only thing which is a consistent success is Plum Baby mango and banana. i've got a few more pots of different things. I don't really mind if he only wants bought stuff, i'd just be happy he was eating something!

    Funny you should say about where he eats Trying4babyM, he's happy to sit in the high chair and watch me potter about the kitchen, but he is more comfortable eating in the bouncey chair.

    by the way, is it ok to give brown bread as toast or should it be white bread?

    thanks very much. seems like you feel you've got one thing sussed when a new challenge comes along!!

    Cheers K xx
  • I sometimes found my LO would get upset in the middle of a meal. Her appetite has never been a problem so knew it wasn't that she didn't want the food. Sometimes they don't realise that the food will cure their hunger. They have had milk for that for so long. I used to just BF her for a bit and then try again and she would then eat what she was given. Either that or just don't leave it too long after the last milk feed before giving him his solids x
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