valentines gift

hi all

I've had oh's name on my wedding finger today for one of his valentines gifts and apart from having a baby and actually getting married i think its a pretty big commitment to do, especially if i come to marry someone else and they see his name. lol.

Has anyone else done this or am i just the crazy one? lol

Lisa xxx


  • I'm sure Katie Price and Peter Andre had it done???

  • yeah he's seen it. I told him that i'd got something new done on my body for him and he had to find it (fun for the men *wink* *wink*) lol. Anyway the rudey minded man thought i'd got erm (the downstaris region pierced) NOT A CHANCE! LOL. When he finally found it he said its more than what he could have ever wanted because its shown my comittment to him.

    I have a little bunny on my right arm too and have to admit that was nothing to the pain i had having this one. lol. It felt like it was grinding my bone but we've done childbirth so i'm sure we can handle a needle. lol. Stings more now ouchhh!!!:cry: lol

    I think Katie Price and Peter Andre have had it done actually. I'm sure i watched the show when Peter had his done.

    Lisa xxx
  • aww bless him.

    I've made it sound like its total agony by saying it felt like it was grinding my bone but i did have it one my finger and i have pretty thin boney fingers so wouldn't take much to touch my bone anyway.

    There is that little tingle there but its the buzz of the needle that makes you feel like you've got pins and needles where their doing it that bothers me more. I 've had it on a boney part and a tubby part and can say its not as bad as people make it out to be. It stings after but thats about it

    The only thing you really need to worry about is if your sure you want it done because once its there its there for good. lol

    good luck and don't worry if you do go one.

    Lisa xxx
  • Aw thats a lovely present, bet it hurt!!
    I've got a rose on my foot and it was agony, my leg was shaking so much, never although i am a wimp!
  • There you go.

    If you can handle birth you can definatly handle a tattoo. lol

    Lisa xxx
  • well mummyof2....i would be lying if i said i didn't want to cry like a baby while it was being done because i really did want to. lol.

    It wasn't really that bad and it only took 10 mins so was over with pretty quick. Its hurting more now than when they were doing it. lol.

    Lisa xxx
  • That sounds fab Lisa!
    I'd love to get a tattoo like that done too or something with LO's initial, but am just not sure! Not so much coz of the pain, but more the fact that its permanent & i'd prob want a diff design a week later!!
    Sarah xx
  • lol Lisa, mine only took 10 mins too i would love another one but dont think i could do it again.
  • its amazing what some tattoo artists can do.

    My friend had her boyfriends name put on but she did it right at the beginning of the relationship and we all warned her but it was like talking to the wall. Anyway. They split and she had one over his name and it blended in so well. Obviously its pretty bad if you regret the tattoo altogether because then you'd have to get it removed which can still leave a scar so you really do need to be sure you want one before you do.

    Good luck either way hun

    Lisa xxx
  • i look at it this way....

    The name on my finger is the father to my children and always will be so whoever comes along will have to handle that because no matter what happens i'm always gonna have that love there for him.

    May not be nice to any future partners (i don't on having because i'm happy) but its my body.

    Amen lol

    Lisa xxx
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