so sorry and maybe tmi. lol

Hiya girlies

Way off subject (or not. lol)

Does anyone elses oh feel the need to get so bloody raunchy and come up behind you while washing the pots? lol

I was washing them this afternoon and he came up behind me and i very nearly sliced myself on the knife because i jumped out of my skin. lol.

Sorry if too much info. Is it just mine thats a randy bloody rabbit? lol

Sorry again. lol

Lisa xxx


  • My OH is just the same!

    Glad you're not injured though hon!

  • so is mine. he even done it tonight when i have told him that i dont feel the best! but i suppose we shouldn't complain too much, we wouldn't like it if they didn't bother!

  • lol Glad its not just mine then.

    The funny thing about my oh is he makes out i'm the randy one! he'll mess for a bit then say..."behave! you randy devil!" and i'm just stood there washing the pots! lol. few mins later and he's back! lol

    I just wish he'd tell me when he's on his way so i know to put the knife away. lol

    Lisa xxx
  • Mine doesnt bother! 5 months on and i think the sight of Connors head sticking out of me still haunts him! lol
  • LOL My hubby is the same! I only gave birth 16days ago and he's already pestering me for sex saying that surely my stitches must have healed!! hee hee, men!!!

    Sharon x

  • lol rainbowshoes. You'd think if anything was to put them off that would but mine just can not be put off! You'd think i'd be happy to have someone so randy but my god! it gets past a joke! lol

    xxMrsJohnstonexx my oh wanted it within days of having my lo! Good job my labour went pretty straight forward and no stitches. lol

    Men! pure animals they are. lol

    Lisa xxx
  • Oh my god bubblez! i'd have locked myself in the bedroom for life. lol. We don't have family stop so we're ok but when we first met and we were at his house we were pretty safe because his bedroom was in the attic but once we knew everyone was on the floor below us he was banned for the night. lol

    Lisa xxx
  • Haha mine's exactly the same. What freaks me out is if I just saw his dad or bro (we live with the in laws) and then oh comes up and surprises me, I always have this sick fear that its his dad or brother!!! Makes me jump every time arrrgh! xxxx
  • TOTALLY! For example, yesterday i was innocently folding laundry away in the bedroom and he sneaked in and grabbed my bottom and said fancy a quicky, grrr, men! :lol: I was more concerned the fact he left my 2 year old in charge of a 20 week old downstairs :roll:

    :lol: at the intercom!
  • lol at intercom.

    Hubby the same. He thinks we should be at it all the time. I keep telling him that we could try squeezing a baby out of his privates, then get cut and stitched up and see if he still wants to have sex all the time !! S x
  • lol el_pinko. My oh is always suggesting leaving our 4 year old to watch the 6 month old while we hide in a cupboard or something. lol. Could get a bit uncomfortable when you can here one screaming for me and the eldest asking why we're playing with toys (no matter where i go in the house there is that one toy bound to be there ready to stand on) lol

    You wonder which one is easier to please. The hubby or the kids. lol

    Lisa xxx
  • Mine wasn't anymore randy then normal after having lo. But one funny incident (sorry if TMI!) we had had sex waiting for his dad to come up and visit, His dad is always at least 2 hours late. LoL. We had decided to spice it up a little with added additions... Well I washed them, but them on the side to dry making a mental note to put then away asap. Well I forgot, they slept in out room that night and guess what was on full view all night!! I was mortified when I realised, They have never mentioned it tho. LoL

    Kerry, Freya and Pink Bump
    X X X
  • OMG! PumpkinPatch i would have left the country if that had happened to me. lol

    I remember when we'd been using some nice pink furry handcuffs and we were having our central heating fitted at the time and i left them dangling off the head post of the bed. I could have crawled under the bed the nest day when one of the men knocked their head on them. lol

    The things we put ourselves through just to keep our men happy! lol

    Lisa xxx
  • My oh thinks it's funny. It took me a full half hour to come down the stairs when I realised. And every time they laughed and I didn't know why I was convinced they were talking about it.

    A few weeks later there was a family party. It took oh weeks to convince me to go along. I have never been so embarrassed, ever!!
  • lol i'd be the same. I wouldn't be able to look them in the face without going a nice shade of red.

    Talking about toys. Ours were always locked away out of reach but one day we'd left them on the bedside table (cleaned) and while i was at the door talking to some sales man or whatever he happended to be, my son walked past the door doing aeroplane noises with one in his hands flying it around like a rocket. lol. I don't know if the man saw but he did have a big grin on his face as he walked away. lol.

    If its not men its the kids. lol. Us mums cannot avoid embarrasment. lol

    Lisa xxx
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