No luck with bottles (please help)

and I'm back at work doing 12.5 hour shifts. He took next to nothing on Monday so only had his morning feed before I left and thats it. He is 8.5 mths but slowly being weaned as he is very reluctant and will only take water from cup but refuses point blank when its milk of any description. Have lots of bottles and cups but nothing suits him. Tried formula and breast milk. He has taken bottle 3 or 4 times but only bout an oz or 2. So worried about Friday as working again. Any ideas/ tips appreciated.

On another note my boobs were heaving when I got home from work so I expressed and got 250 mls and then had to get up in middle of night to express as couldn;'t sleep with pain. Trying to cut to 2 bf a day (morning and night) and ff in afternoon but obviously this is not happening. This was why I didn't express at work as want to cut supply but need to express to reduce pain from fullness. SO what to do? Didn't have this prob with first lo as she cut to 1 bf on her own and therefore I wasn't too sore. Also she took her bottle image

AAAAAAAGH so desperate to get my boy happy so I can relax at work x image:roll::\(


  • Aw hun, not good you worrying about it all when back to work.
    I'm really sorry but I dont have any tips on getting him to take bottle/cup, I was lucky my LO went between boob and bottle no troubles as mix fed from the start.
    The only thing that did jump out to me when reading your post was your expressing to relieve pressure and pain - I would think you shouldn't express so much as your boobs will be thinking they still need to produce. I think (and I don't know for sure this is just my opinion), that you should only be expressing just a small amount to relieve the pressure and then stop - you will probably still feel full but think you may have to put up with that till your supply reduces? Paracetamol and flannels (cant remember hot/cold now to be honest) to help with the pain.
    Hope that someone else on here can offer their experience and knowledge.
    I hope your little man gets the idea of bottles/cups very soon so you can relax a little.
  • i have no idea how to advise but you always help me on my posts so i just wanted to send you hugs from me and toby x x x x
  • chick im trying my experiment at dinner time so will let you know x
  • no joy image ahhhhhhhhhhhh
  • I do know that expressing keeps milk supply up but had to empty them to reduce pain and I do want to feed him morning and night anyway so not really a prob. Just getting used to dropping middle of day feeds. Thanks tho. Been drinking peppermint tea too. moonbean bad luck! I'm thinking of trying your experiment altho prob won't work. Will let you know when / if we get a solution x
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