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ARGH! Crappy Avent Bottles!!!!!!

Hi girls,

Does anyone have problems with Avent bottles?
Mine always seem to leak from under the ring thing and end up soaking poor Ruby!
I recently bought 6 new ones and now it's happening to them too.
I'm thinking of moaning to Avent but don't know if it's worth it! xxx


  • I gave up with avent bottles as I thought they were crap too, kept leaking and didn't like the teats. I use boots own brand now and have had no problems and virtually half the price!
  • we've never had a problem with ours.

    is the teat through the ring fully (so that it clicks into it) ?? is it on tightly... (I know i sound patronising, sorry.)

    if you have a problem with them then ring avent and tell them. they should either refund/exchange/something.......

  • This happened to me more so when baby was little but havent had it happen for months and months now. I use to find it very annoying!!
  • I had the exact same problem when i used avent bottles with my little boy, for ages my OH kept telling me i wasnt screwing them on right but then it started happening to him as well. I found that it did it more when the milk was warm, if the milk was cool then it didnt seem to do it as much.

    I bought tommee tippee bottles this time round and they are brill and would reccommend them to everyone. Kerry xxx
  • I read somewhere that if you screw the top on too tight then they are more likely to leak. It has happened to me once or twice but not for months.
  • i found this too and the reason was i was using hot water which made the plastic expand hence not sealing properly when it cooled and shrank so when it was cool we just open the bottle and did it back up to re seal it and never hapened since.hope this helps
  • i see this is still happening wirth avent bottles then!!I'm breastfeeding this baby but when ih had my older daughter 3 yrs ago i used these bottles and had the same problem!it was so bad at one feed that i had to wrap a mulslin cloth around the ring thing cuz it was pooring on her!!i switched to maam ones after that and they were fab.I think somebody should complain xxx
  • The other trick with Avent bottles is not to over-tighten them as that can cause the teat to shift slightly thus causing a leak. I've been using em for nearly 2 yrs and don't have a prob with them.
  • well, i'm glad it isnt just mine! :x

    with my 4 yr old, i used them, yet dont ever remember them leaking. image

    when i changes the teat size to 3m for Issy, they started leaking! i have found that as i put the water in, then leave til i am ready to use , when i have put the powder in i just readjust the teat again before shaking. :lol:

    very occasionally it may still leak, so i just rethread again, and then they are fine. :\)

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  • Well i'm glad it's not just me!!!
    I have checked that they are done up tight, not too tight, and that the teat is pulled through properly and they still leak.
    I can feel a major rant to Avent coming on!!!
    I have some Mam ones so might use those for now but the Boots ones sound great! Double points too!! xxx
  • could this BPA be the same chemical that was in the press a few months back about normal bottled water (like evian etc) when kept in a car, gets warm, chemical released?

    if it is, i never heard about it being in babies bottles! that's terrible isnt it!

    without wanting to sound niave tho', do not all babies bottles contain it then?
  • the BPA thing was all over the news a few months ago - I think the chemical is what makes the bottles clear. BPA free ones (like born free) are kinda yellowy.
    I use Avent bottles - their website has a statement on it about BPA - I noticed recently that they're intending to introduce BPA free bottles and they also tell you which of their other products are currently BPA free.
    Also remember Asda (I think) saying they were going to start stocking a BPA free range in the next few months

  • BPA has been around for years and is in almost everything that is plastic because its the stuff that makes them more rigid and safer to use....

    its only released if you microwave the bottles I think (?) but unless you plan on not using anything plastic that has it in it you will be ingesting small amounts anyway.

    If there was a major concern over it they would have pulled all the bottles containing it by now (its been around for over 40 years after all - how much damage has it done us?) and research has shown that the amounts, although released, do not harm the baby because they are so tiny (the amounts released not the baby)

    Sounds like i got a good batch of avent ones - never never had a problem with them leaking.

    Now the mam ones are just a bloody faff - whats with there being four different sections to it? Just means if you dont fasten it properly because you're in a rush it all leaks out everywhere!!!! threw them away pretty quick.
  • I use tommee tippee which I have no problems with! However I know someone who uses Avent and she says they leak too, so I think you should definitely complain seeing as loads of others seem 2 have the same issue with them.
    I'm pretty sure tommee tippee have BPA too but I'm not too worried I agree with S.Y they would have been pulled off the shelves here if it was that bad. Personally I think glass bottles are much more dangerous. Lots of people microwave their lo's food in plastic weaning bowls which prob contain BPA and eat takeaways out of plastic trays themselves so why the big fuss about bottles??
  • I used Tommee Tippee - my sister recommended them but I've heard from other people about Avent bottles leaking - strange when they are such a big company you thought they would do something about it??!!
  • Ooops - I'm in the minority I think - lol!
    I love my Avent bottles - easy to clean, no faffing. The only time they leaked is if I put the ring thingy on too tight. Otherwise never had a problem!
  • Bikerchick i'm with you. They leaked once with me when the top was on too tight. Other than that I think they are great.
    I used Dr Browns when Lily had colic but as soon as it stopped at 12 weeks I put her straight back on Avent. To be honest I couldnt wait.
  • I know this is an 'old' topic, but just had to say that I loved my Avent bottles - easy to clean and sterilise. I did have a bit of a problem at first, but discovered the reason was because I was over-tightening the rings. I actually started to use the avent bottles with MAM teats, and that worked really well, no matter how tight the ring! (I introduced bottles at 6mths as BF from birth, and lo didnt like the avent teats, mam teats are 'flattened').

    I think the reason they leak if you over tighten is because of the anti colic valve. it distorts it or something.

    Try using them with the mam teats, or not over tightening. HTH xx
  • Yeah I had the same problem! But i think ive sorted it!!! I was gunna phone Avent tommorow and see whats going on but i searched the net and found people with same problem who have phoned avent and been told how to solve problem. Pull the teat through the ring and put the lid on before you put it on the bottle. Holding the lid (not the ring) screw it on to the bottle until the lid turns on its own and thats it. I thaught WHAT! Dont be stupid. I tried it 2 hours ago with a bottle that was just leaking really bad and it stopped leaking!! So im gunna give it a go and see if it really works. I like the avent bottles but i was soaking my baby`s bib when i was feeding him and it was driving me mad.
  • Words cannot describe how much I loath Avent bottles with blue ring.

    What a disaster !!!

    They leak with and without the blue ring.

    Left baby with babysitter, total disaster.

    No need to comment further, anyone that has Avent bottles will understand.

    Especially if they have got up at 3 am for a feed and forgotten blue ring insert!!!
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