Aren't we lucky?!!

Evening ladies

Alf is now 15 months and each day brings it's challanges, but equally massive rewards too!

I am really lucky that I can stay at home and be with my boy all the time, and I do really apprecite it. As I don't have any family nearby, I am really lucky to have met a handfull of lovely ladies and babies, that have made my ride into parenthood a lot smoother.

It's certainly not without it's difficulties, but being a mum is the best thing I have ever done, it took over 2 years to fall pregnant, and from the minute I saw that line I promised myself I would be the best mum I could and also apprciate it at the same time.

Life is so short ( I lost my own mum many years ago ) and so many bad things happen, I just wanted to post to say how very much I appreciate the chance I have been given to be a mummy, and how lucky I am to have my gorgous two men in my life!! and all us mummies ( and daadies too! ) are equally lucky!

Pointless post, but hubby is out, and I am missing him, and I can hear little snores on the baby monitor ( too cute!) and have come over all soppy!

My two boys!

Sam x

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  • Ah bless, yes we are indeed very blessed and I am grateful everytime i think of my DS and have the added benefit of lovely OH (well 98% of time) letting me stay at home a bit longer to enjoy the fruits of our labour! x
  • Lovely pic, and lovely t-shirts - i want some for oh/ds!

  • Thanks xx Mims xx I had to bribe the ol man to wear it!!! I love them in matching tee's!!

    OMG how many spelling mistakes in my original post?! I can't even edit it, as the flamin advert is in the way. Oops, sorry, late at night, that is my excuse!

    Sam x
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