Power cut arrrr!!!!

Well we had a power cut earlier and it was a pain! The power went off about 5.30 when i was feeding lo and it frightened the life out of her. I dont drive and hubby is on works do but luckily my mum was on her way up. Ran around like a headless chicken with screaming baby trying to pack together enough stuff to last the night at my mums (filled a small suitcase and 2 carrier bags). Luckily it has come back on and i am now home with a zonked out baby (took ages to settle her).

So ladies what im trying to say is make sure you have supplies for if there is a power cut. It never crossed my mind what i would do if power went out and trying to bundle lo out the house with one torch was a nightmare. Will have to go out to buy candles etc tomorrow.


  • my cooker tripped the switch ther other day which left us in darkness. Thasnkfully we had the mobile to hand whichwas a gd light. That reminds me, I must get some batteries in my torch!
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