None of it really matters does it?

Sorry I'm being really morbid here, but Jade Goody's story (along with other mums in her position) has really got to me I was thinking about her earlier....

Following her story has made me realise that it doesn't matter if our LO don't go to sleep when they should, it doesn't matter if they get us up 20 times in the night and leave us feeling physically sick due to tiredness the next day, it doesn't matter if they wee/poo/sick everywhere when we've just put fresh nappy or clothes on and immediately have to change them, it doesn't matter if they refuse a meal or feed (within reason obviously) or if they decide an hr later after their last feed they're still hungry

Not one thing that goes wrong doesn't {i}really{/i} matter, its not a problem. And I know that all those things I've listed above are relatively minor and aren't really issues but we get up each day and spend time with our babies, were not fighting for our life, to stay around for our children.

We are all so lucky (said I was being morbid didn't I?!!)

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  • I agree with you MrsT, it is a horrible sad story and i really feel for everyone that this horrible disease affects, i can't bare to read any of the articles, life can be so cruel sometimes.

    it brings tears to my eyes when i look at my son and think that me and/or my husband wont be here to see him grow up, i don't know how people cope.

  • I agree with you MrsT, it is a horrible situation, i cant even bare to rea the articles anymore as it is so upsetting.

    I look at my 2week old son and it brings tears to my eyes thinking that either me or my partner will not be here to see him grow up.

    My heart goes out to anyone who has had to suffer with this terrible disease, i don't know how they cope.

  • I completly agree with you too Mrs T.

  • I agree. We all (not us on BE - everyone) moan way too much about such trivial things!

  • I must say ive hugged my boys a little tighter and little longer since reading about it

  • Hello

    I'm watching the program about the conjoined twins and feeling utterly ashamed about how sorry I sometimes feel for myself because of the lack of sleep/normal mummy stresses in my life, when I have such a beautiful, perfect little girl. It's so important to take the time to enjoy the things you have been blessed with and be thankful for all you have.

  • i agree too. my mam has terminal cancer,it started in her breast and has spread to her breast bone. once its in the bones there is nothing they can do,just chemo to hopefully reduce the tumours. going for my smear next week,was due it when i got pg and have been putting it off(stupid i know)

    when i look at my 3 angels it scares me that i might not be here to see them grow up and get married and have families of there own.

    kerry xxx
  • It really upsets me to think my LO could grow up without me, it also upsets me to think one day my own mum won't be around...

    Mummies are so special :\)
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