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Just read your post about Grant falling and just wanted to check in... how is he today and how are you..?
I also wanted to tell you that I did the unthinkable and put Harry on the kitchen counter in his bouncy chair when he was 4 months old and not moving.... well I turned away for one second to get his bottle, and he fell head first down onto our hard tiled floor.... it was awful, I called 999, got a paramedic, and ambulance, called my husband back from the airport, he was flying to Miami on business... went to a&e and spent the day there.... Harry was absolutely fine, the swelling had gone down by the time my husband reached us... and the pediatrian said that the baby body is the most amazing healing machine... it goes into overdrive to fix the swelling, the cut, the whatever.... ie like when they scratch themselves with a nail a couple of hours later there is no sign of it...
It was me who felt like the worse mother on earth... I cried for about 3 days straight, I set my alarm, I did everything.... but Harry was smiling by the time we brought him home... he had forgotten about it !
Hope you are doing well today..
A xx


  • Heya yeah he's much better today thanks, his teething has eer stopped so not a peep out of him! He slept till 6 and I brought him into my bed for a cuddle and he took his dummy out and tried to put it in my mouth so I burst out laughing and we were up from then!

    It's just so so hard to keep an eye on them all the time, and then you put them in te same place you've put them for a month and without you knowing they've learned something else and they're off! My heart is in my mouth about 12 hours of the day now...he hasn't got a shiner funnily enough. I think he actually fell on his hands and his head bumped slightly but the thud may have been his body...strange!

    Oh my god that mustve been such a fright for you! I would have been the same and phoned an ambulance esp if I was in the house myself! Gran cut his finger the other day too cause he grabbed my coke can and it was proper gushing. But like you said in his bath I couldn't even find the cut!!! How strange!!!
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