Baby dreaming

My Little Ellie is 11 weeks and seems to dream alot when in a deep sleep. She makes funny noises and funny breathing patterns. Sometimes she makes a little cry or a laugh. Is anyone elses little one doing this? Noticed it lots this morning but woke up very pleasant with lots of smiles


  • Hi tracey4, yeah my lo who is 16 weeks tomorrow does the same thing as your lo, she has been doing it now for about 8 weeks. its nothing to worry about, I think its quite cute at times.
  • hi
    My lo does the same, he also snores sometimes. The first time I noticed I was bit worried but have got used to it now. Was thinking of getting video cam out to record it but don't really have the time to just stand there and wait for it to happen.
  • Hi Tracey Lexie does that a lot too she is such a noisy sleeper she takes after her dad lol, im thinking of putting her in her own room after xmas.take care
  • My LO also has some interesting sleeping habits. Her dreams are sometimes very funny to try and interpret because it looks like she is trying to crawl in mid-air. It does kind of remind me of my dog image.



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