No Periods??!??!??

My daughter is now 8 weeks on wednesday and i still havent had a period
I bled for about 3 weeks and have been to my docs and he said to wait
a couple of more weeks and if i hadnt had one then do a pregnancy test
he has compleatly got me in a wreck, i have had sex but using protection
when hether was about 4weeks ive got no idea what to do or what to think now



p.s im not breastfeeding have bottle fed from birth



  • hey,

    as it's been 4 weeks since you had sex then do a pregnancy test soner rather than later.

    I wonder though if it could be just all down to horrid hormones - also, when did u stope bleeding? could it be that your first period was actually at the end of that?
  • AWww i duno th docs rely put th crap up me, ive done a test 2day and was negative, i stoped bleeding about 4-5weeks ago

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