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Tyler is 9 months old and still wakes 1-3 times at night, this is my fault as I got into the habit of feeding him back to sleep at night. Some form of sleep training is required as i'm knackered and he also gets up at 5am every morning.

Can you please tell me what form of sleep training you tried with your LO's, how old they were and how long it took.

Please help




  • This thread might help...


    Adam was 5.5 months old and he was sleeping through after 3 nights xx
  • Thanks Cath, i'll try your method. The problem is that I cant do CC on his as he's sick if left to cry for long periods, so your way maybe the answer. Will start tonight .....
  • Before starting sleep training, Adam had only been left to cry once when I was driving (and obv couldn't comfort him) and he was sick everywhere!

    We had tried PU/PD with no real success and I knew that CC wouldn't work for us, as when Adam is in a state he *needs* t be picked up and comforted.

    The longest he has ever cried for using this method is 5 mins.

    Make sure you have some support if you do go ahead. I would have caved in after 2 mins if my hubby hadn't made me be strong!
  • Sorry to g/c your thread but please could you let us know how you get on lillykitt, my LO is 7 months and we have co-slept since she was born, she sleeps like a log when in with us but put her in her cot and she wakes about 4 times a night - I haven't resorted to feeding her to sleep...yet!

    Similarly to you, I don't think Sara will tolerate being left to cry, she gets in such a state she doesn't know whats going on and so I'm doing some research into what sleep training will work best for us.

    Fingers crossed for you that it all goes smoothly. I have read in a few places that babies will do well but around night 5 they can regress and be really difficult to settle - just to prepare you!

  • Hi

    Thanks ladies, i'm off work tomorrow and Ty is in nursery so am going to have a nice long rest before starting it tomorrow night.
    Will keep you posted.

  • I hope you get a good rest today Sarah and tonight goes well. Cath's adaptation sounds like something that might work for Ty. Good luck hon, let us know how you get on the next few nights.
  • Good luck Sarah xxx
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