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Hi ladies...
I really need your advice...Tahlia was 1 year old end of Oct. Recently she has been very ill with Tonsilitis for about 3 weeks and really high fever of about 39-40 everyday. We took her to the clinic and she got all the medicines she needed. She has finally got over it in the last week and been able to return to Nursery.

Since then her sleeping pattern has been very disturbed at night. Her usual 2 naps per day are still the same, it's just at night time that she now wakes up screaming and won't settle again. We tried to leave her for a couple of nights and although she cried 3 or 4 times she went back to sleep.
Last night I couldn't take it any more and put her in our bed to sleep as I'm so knackered. Being 4 months preggie and the heat is quite something at night ( we live in Mauritius now, emigrated in Feb this year ) I gave in much to huby's dispair! Sorry hubby!!

She has changed since being ill. She is no longer the happy baby she used to be sitting and playing. Now all the time she crys and wants to be picked up. It's driving us insane!!

Although as hubby rightly pointed out the picking up thing started when Tahlia used to go with a Nanny who looked after her while we both worked, since then I changed things and put her into Nursery which she loves as she is no longer on her own and has made lots of new little friends.

Please help do we get our little happy girl back?
My friend said her son was the same after he was quite ill and after a few months settled down again, once he felt fully recovered.

Sarah xx


  • i would give her a little longer although the illness its self is gone your little girl is probably still suffering in a way as you know your self when ill it can take a while after the illness is gone before you get back to being 100% again
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