Tyler just....

......pulled himself up onto his knees!!! My heart was in my throat but he was holding onto the TV cabinet and I left him to it, he got up to his knees and tried to stand up but wasnt quite strong enough!

Oh im so proud and sad at the same time! My lil baby is all growing up!


  • Go Tyler, Go Tyler, Go Tyler!!!!!
    Sounds like he'll be walking before my lo!
  • well done Tyker!
  • yay well done Tyler. My lo has just started to stand unaided and the realisation is really sinking in that he's not my little baby anymore
  • yeah tyler and yet poor mummy. finley is desperately tryin to pull himself up and i know it wont be long before he stands and im so chuffed but soo sad as well.xxx
  • Yeha well done Tyler. Ashton has started to do this too, can manage to get on his feet now aswell though! They grow up so fast don't they Elaine!!!! xxx
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