Best place to buy....


where is the best place to get the bibs that cover lo's arms and basically as much of her body as possible?

I hung out a load of lo's washing earlier and some of it doesn't look like it's been through the wash! I'm hoping that the sun will help!

So.....I need to buy bibs that will stop her clothes from getting covered, Louise has mostly finger foods which she tends to drop all over her.........plum can be very messy....


what can I get to put accross a doorway that has a sliding door? we have a sliding dooe from our livong room into the kitchen. Louise has started following me into the kitchen which can be a pain! I dont want to close the door as she'll get upset, get into mischief etc.......but dont know what I can put accross it?




  • Hiya, i know tesco does those bibs because i was looking at some yesterday!...

    Not sure about the sliding door though...could you get one of those play pen/room dividers that you just sort of put there?
  • Not sure about sliding door. Maybe make a wee bit of a net curtain in a bright colour and just put two little hooks at either side, top and bottom. That way you can take it down easily but also she can see you through it and you can see her.

    I saw bright jacket tyype bibs in Ikea but didn 't buy any so can't tell you if they are any good or not. S x
  • I got some bibs like that in the Mothercare sale, Ihave also seen them in Tesco and recently got some in Tchibo... you know the coffee shop that sells random items lol

    Sorry cant help with the door problem xx
  • asda sell them for ??2 as do mothercare but they are slighlty dearer xxx
  • my mil puts a normal stairgate across her sliding door, so that's an option. And you can get some travel ones that expand to fit different sized doors but can't remember where I've seen them. Think it was in the perfectly happy people catalogue.

    Can't help with the bibs though sorry!
  • sainsburys & asda are between ??2-??2.50 for the bids 1/2 plastic backing 1/2 terry towelling & tesco are ??3.50 for the same.
    matalan do all plastic which is great so much easier to clean xx
  • Flexigate would be good for your sliding door.
    As for the bibs - i got mine from Mothercare but like all the other mums said most supermarkets have them. Like sleeping bags they are a Godsend lol!!
  • thanks!!!

    shame that we dont have a matalan anywhere near us!

    I have seen them in tesco in the past and think I thought they were fairly expensive but will look again!
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