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milk feeds and weaning?

Lo is nearly 6 months and we have been weaning for 3 weeks now. It is going really well so far. I introduced breakfast 4 days ago as he was waking from his morning nap early because he was hungry.

The thing is that i'm not sure how much milk he should be having.

Our typical day is below:

7.30am Breastfeed (good 10 min feed)
8.30am Porridge (mixed with 1oz formula)
9-11am sleep
11am Breastfeed - has not been interested last 2 days
12pm Lunch
1-3pm sleep
3pm Breastfeed - small feed maybe 5-7 mins
5pm Tea
6.30pm 9oz formula
10.30pm 9oz formula (dreamfeed)

Since introducing breakfast his 11am feed is getting smaller and smaller and today he had a couple of sucks (more a drink than a feed!) and that was that. the 3pm feed has got much smaller too.

I know that he will reduce his milk intake but i just wondered if i should persevere with the 11am feed?

Thanks x


  • when i weaned dd i gave her the food then offered the bottle straight after. so she had less milk but had solids too. eventually i dropped the tea time bottle as she would only take about half an oz in 15 mins so was a waste of time. eventually she did the same with the lunchtime one then the breakfast one. guidleines says that until 1 they should be having a pint a day (dd never drank that much before i introduced solids, she was never a big milk fan). i made sure that she had yogurts, custards and rice puddings for desserts and added cheese to dishes to add to her calcuim intake.

    my mum told me that there were never the guidlelines when i was a baby and we all turned out ok. she also said that you cant get a baby to eat/drink more than it wants to so just add dairy pruducts to the diet. lonce i got my head around that she would only have what she wanted and no more i stopped stressing about. hv told me once i should be getting dd to drink 1 pint of milk plus food, i thought i would like to see you try to get her to drink that much milk.

    there are 20oz in a pint so as your lo is having 18oz from 2 feeds, plus 1oz in porridge, plus the good breakfast feed he will be having more than a pint.

    if he isnt interested in the 11am then maybe just try not offering it and see what happens, if he wants it you can always start giving it again

    sorry that turned into a bit of a ramble, but hope it helps
  • Thank you for your reply it is really helpful. I'm going to try and miss the 11am feed today and maybe give him a feed after his lunch before he goes down for a nap and see what happens.

    Thanks again x
  • how did it go missing the 11am feed?
  • well today has been an 'off' day! He was fine this morning then woke from his morning nap really whingy even though he had slept for 1.5hrs.

    Tried to feed him and he refused so tried offering lunch early. It was odd because he was crying but would stop to eat a spoonful then cry again?? He finished his lunch and still whingy so gave him some calpol and put him back to sleep. Now been asleep another 2 hrs so figure he must be brewing something!

    I think it will work when he's back on form...will let you know.

    Thanks! x
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