We booked a holiday :D

we've just booked a holiday for Oct this year image
It will be the first holiday for all four of us together, so no doubt very daunting, but we will be staying a Wychnor Park Country Club! Yay! Got a little 2 bed bungalow - Ollie will be 2 1/2 and the new baby about 5/6 months or so by then....
Its all booked and the confirmation letter is on the way. Just hope the weather behaves then!

Might have to meet for a brew SB if you have time..... image



  • oh lovely! we took cameron away when he was 3 months and it was great. we went to a caravan park.
    i bet you'll have a great time!
  • Wow!! Lucky you!! I bet you'll all have a fab holiday!
  • Very jealous, it sounds lovely :\) I think I prefer holidaying in the UK on balance - no time wasted getting stressed in airports & planes. Hope the weather behaves for you!
  • Sounds lovely. Hope you all have a lovely time.

  • oh fab, hope you have a good time, not sure where we are going to go for our first family holiday - cant wait tho xx
  • I'm looking forward to it image

    we were looking at going away at the end of jan but thanks to the MIL (who when we told her we'd done enough overtime to possibly be able to afford a holiday told us to give our xmas pressie - ??10 each - to Ollie if we didnt need it anyway...put a bit of a downer on it all for hubby but might still surprise him with a couple of nights somewhere yet...) its kinda been kyboshed - I'll be damned if she thinks were going to hers for a few days instead!
    She couldnt say a word about his one though as it comes as part of a package we bought into last year ( a short term membership thingy) so its costing us nothing! image

    we're hoping to be able to do UK hols this year, and maybe next year then go back to hols abroad for our last membership year.....

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