brushing babys teeth

god who invented brushing babies teeth. brush my little boys teeth everyday (8months old) and god he is a tough cookie he pushes his brush out with his teeth and hes so tough makes brushing his teeth hard or he tries to eat the tooth paste. must admit though can be funny just watching him.


  • Oh shame - my lo LOVES Having his teeth brushed the only problem is when you take the toothbrush away he screams the house down for at least 15mins - it's ridiculous!!! :lol:
  • Oh I was going to put a similar post about how Kade hates having his teeth brushed lol.
    Every night I have to use the wonderful form of distraction by giving him something to look at while I push the brush in his mouth!
    I really can't see how I am cleaning them properly but just keep telling myself it is all training for when he is old enough to understand!
  • Kara loves getting her teeth brushed. She loves sucking on the toothbrush and laughs when she is getting it done. I think she likes the taste of the toothpaste
  • Hi, when's the right time to brush I mean how long after the teeth arrive?

    I think my lo's teeth will start soon he's nearly 14 weeks! image
  • As soon as the first tooth arrives you should start brushing.
    Jayden use to hate having his teeth brushed but dont mind it so much now though he does either bite on the bristles or pushing it out with his tongue. Trying to get 12 teeth brushed asap can be abit ticky at times
  • We found Ella is much happier when she is copying one of us brushing our teeth. Don't know why we didn't think of it earlier as it's common sense and we have the added bonus of having extra shiney white teeth ourselves!!
  • Charlotte used tolove having her teeth cleaned. Now she has 4 coming thru on the top all at once so she's not that keen now. I used to find it easier holding her, now I lie her down to do it as she struggles so much. she always bites the brush and it's covered in little teeth marks.
  • yea, can buy baby toothpaste. we had one off the toothpastes in the maternity bags u get after havin the baby.
  • we use Aquafresh milk teeth
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