where is........



  • and crilly? crilly hasnt been online in aaaaaaages!! wonder how her twinnies are doing?! probably keeping her very very busy
  • Im wondering were Trackieann is.....AND sammynJayden???im a single mummy,and at one time these two were online alot but lately heard nothing!!!im just nosy lol.funny how certain ppl stick in your mind
  • I've been wondering where Sammy & Jayden is too. Sunnymum doesn't appear very often now either - I was thinking maybe she's back at work?
  • bumping up incase any1 knows? xx
  • Im here! ccb mommy is right, i am back at work so have to catch up in the evening,lol. Still love coming on here though. Crilly is really busy with her twins, they keep her on her toes!! x
  • bumping this up coz I flippin well saw you online Palmtree!! LOL! :lol:

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  • Hi ya lovely ladies!!! I have been nursing a baby flu and a man flu for a whole week !!! Boys eh!! And now the comp going mental with some silly virus warnings, but the scan says there isnt any!!! driving me CRAZY... every few mins a warning box pops up arrrgggghhhhhhh xxxx
  • lol - glad ur back babe xx hope ur comp gets sorted too xx

    Kisses to Eoin - hopes hes feeling better xx
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