The miracle of Karvol..?!

If your lo has a cold or is bunged up - buy some!

I've used it for the 1st time this week as Charlotte has a cold. Since I first used it 3 nights ago she has slept thru these 3 nights from 7.30-8.00!! Don't know if it's just a coincidence but I don't care cos I needed the sleep (we all did actually)!!



  • oh it is a godesnd! i put it on a flannel on the radiator in the living room too! especially if we all have a cold! its brill isnt it!
  • It's fab isnt it? I put some on a muslin cloth and tie it to his cot every night, i swear it helps him sleep better x
  • I usually use snuffle babe on gabriel and find it good. Medised as well. He has just got a cold at the mo, bloody things!!! I'm glad Charlotte slept through - Gabe was up from 3 until 4.30 last night, so I'm very jealous! xxx
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