Carseat on a plane...

...the follow up to the blockbuster that was Snakes on a Plane:lol::lol:

Sorry for that horrendous joke! Back to business....I need to take LO's carseat on a flight in a few weeks and it will go in hold and checked in with normal luggage as will be taking buggy to gate. Any suggestions of how best to pack it so it doesnt get damaged? LO will need to be in it immediately before and after flight so cant pack it at home and not sure if I have a suitably sized box. I'm worried it will get flung in the hold and broken and then we'll be stuck!!

Thanks in advance.


  • We had exactly the same problem when we moved to NZ recently - needed the carseat for the cab ride to the airport and car ride at the other end!

    I bought a carseat bag by Sunshine Kids from Amazon. I'll try and find a link in a sec. From memory it was pretty cheapish - it's just a really big squashy bag so if you can find one of those cheaper that would be fine. We were taking a maxi cosi infant carrier which only took up about half the bag, so I packed it in with lots of blankets and clothes around it to give it a good cushion. I tried it at home before we left so that I knew I had the right amount of clothes etc in there. Also tell them it's a carseat when you check in and they will probably not put it on the conveyor belt but take it separately to reduce the chance of being banged around (they did this at Heathrow but not at LAX).

    Carseat arrived totally unscathed (phew!) and now I use that bag to store his maxi cosi as Toby is in his next stage carseat.

    C image

    PS - Here's the link:
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