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Hey hon

I just wanted to say don't let the induction thread put you off this site, there are some truly lovely people on here and once you get your BFP I'm sure you'll find your Due in ladies a real support network that you will depend upon and grow to view as close friends as I have. I didn't join this forum until I was pregnant but I will definitely join TTC when I do start again.

I found your posts interesting, and I can see why they might have scared someone going overdue out of their control, I don't see why you should feel awful for sharing. There are always positive and negative views, and I'd rather have ALL the info possible before making a decision.

Unfortunately there are always going to be people who disagree with us, I've been subject to raised eyebrows, as have many of us, but hey, we can't be loved by and loveeveryone can we?!

Stick with us hon, promise not all the threads get this heated!



  • Here here xxx
  • you will sometimes find very heated threads over here as some poeple cant bear to hear other people opinions/experience without having a go, good luck with TTC and hope to see you over here soon
  • Hope to see you getting your BFP soon!! xxx
  • Try and ignore it hun, when you have your BFP and then your baby they probably won't be here anymore anyway xxxx
  • I thought what you said was fine - it's easy to think about what should happen but i think it's fair enough to know the risks and downsides, then you can make an informed decision.

    plus, it's all well and good to have a birth plan - wish my baby had read mine before he was born, then he would have known i wanted a water birth with gas and air, not a forceps delivery with lots of drugs! The main thing is he was delivered, he was healthy and he's now giving daddy the run around while i get a few minutes peace and quiet. Chances are she won't get to decide, baby will decide for her!

    K x
  • Wanna-baby, I agree with all the above posts, and I have found that sometimes things do get a heated on here, and I myself have sometimes thought, I can't be bothered with this, it's like being back at school with playground bickering, lol!! BUT the help I have received has outweighed the negative comments that will always come about. and I'd say 99% of the ladies here are so so helpful and offer their experiences and so many times, this site has been more useful, and made me more reassured than Hv's or Dr's!!

    Hang in there hun, and I hope you get your BFP soon. xxxx
  • Hi Hun,

    I agree with the other ladies and wanted to send you some baby dust! Good luck TTC! I hope you get that BFP soon! xxx
  • I absolutely agree with the other ladies, fingers crossed for your bfp very soon x
  • I totally agree with everyone else - dont let the few "outspoken" women on here put you off. I promise you'll make some truly fabulous friends both in TTC and in your Due In forum once you get that BFP.

    And I also think that your experiences were actually very helpful at giving a HCP perspective of the situation - sometimes the "go with what you feel is best" answer isnt always medically the best thing and while it is said with the best intentions, can give women a false, and sometimes, dangerous, sense of security. Personally, I think good on you for pointing that out in a straightforward and informative way. A few more medically based facts to outweigh what are sometimes rose-tinted pure 'opinions' can only be a good thing as far as I'm concerned.

    Like you, I worried about the worst case scenario, and as such, although I had preferences for my birth, basically all I wanted was to make sure I brought a healthy baby home - although telling my MW "as long as nobody dies I dont care how she's born" did shock her a bit ha ha! That said, it meant that what started as a natural water birth with gas and air, when it progressed to epidural and then emergency section for failure to progress after 16hrs active labour, I didnt feel 'cheated' that I'd missed out on anything - I got my healthy daughter, that was the main thing!!
  • Just wanted to add my 2p worth and say that I agree with all the ladies here. There is no point in posting a thread asking for an opinion if you're not willing to hear what you don't want to hear, then the snowball effect kicked in and didn't help!
    Anyway, hope you get your bfp soon xx
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