Hospital Tomorrow :o

Well tomorrow I am taking Ellie to her consultants appointment at the hospital so they can tell me what they suggest I do in relation to her eating.

I am not too sure how I feel to be honest, I have little faith in health professionals now & just think they are all going to say that she doesn't eat because she has behavioural problems but I still find it hard to believe that an 11 month old (she isn't 1 yet for another week so still 11 months in my eyes :lolimage can not eat just because she wants to throw a strop.

Anyway keep your fingies & tosies crossed that I get some support & help & guidance!
Lauren xxx


  • aww, good luck hunni, hope u get some answers tomorrow. im bk at the hospital nxt mth for my lo re her eating- shes 6mths and like u i also have little faith so i know exactly how ur feeling. let us know how u get on. xxx
  • good luck lauren...... hope you get the help you need to get Ellie back on track.
    d x
  • good luck hun, i hope you get some answers! x
  • good luck babe x
  • Good luck hun hope it all goes well xx
  • good luck! xxx
  • hey ladies,

    thanks for all the support it's good to know your all there!
    the doctor was lovely, very understanding man & said he could see clearly that I had done all I could for miss elle & that it is very frustrating when she just won't help me to help her!

    anyway he has requested that my doctor test her for food intolerances/allergies & has referred her to a feeding clinic.
    he told me to keep doing whatever i have been doing lately as she is now up from 16lb 13oz 4 weeks ago to 17lb 14oz so i'm delighted!!
    lauren xxx
  • hey,

    am glad it went well, and that steps are being put in place to help you both. let us know if you pick up any good tips at the feeding clinic! And great about the weight gain.
  • aww, really glad it went well for you, hopefully u can get some answers now, and its good u have been referred to the feeding clinic. xxx
  • wow...thats a great weight gain. Amelia is 7.3 kg which is about 16lbs I think. Her and Ellie were due about the same time I think. amelia was 30th March 2008.
    Try to relax, you are doing a terrifc job and all on your own. pat on the back and a big glass of wine when she in bed...

    Miss chatting to you!!!
    will try to come on more.
    d xx
  • yay i'm glad she is putting on weight and the appointment was productive! x
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