Baby Sling Recommendation?

My LO loves being cuddled to my chest and I'm thinking about getting a sling/carrier thing for her for dog walks and stuff.

Can anyone recommend one? She's only 4 weeks old.

Also, some of them look a bit complicated and I would need to be able to get it on and her in it on my own!

B x


  • try and look at the mei tei carriers there - I tried 3 other carriers before getting on of these and was NEVER comfy in them, this one however was a life saver and even now at over 2 yrs my son will run around YELLING 'mooboo' in excitement to get in it - IT'S BRILL I can't wait to use it again with my bump and it is very easy to get them into by yourself!
  • We have the Baby Bjorn synergy and it's really good and really easy to put on by yourself.

    Lyvi loves it too image

    Love NN and Olyvia xxx

  • I second maximum, I have a sling from mooboo and my daughter is very happy in it x
  • we have the baba sling and bubs loves it sends him straight off to sleep!
  • I second the Baby Bjorn - we have the Active model which has extra back support. It is so comfy and Toby seems to like it!
  • I have the 'close' one from John Lewis - very easy to put on. I have a baby Bjorn but LO is now 18lbs and my shoulders were killing me. I take LO out a lot and do exercise classes where he is in his carrier and the close one is great x
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