cow and gate ads

Has anyone caught those yet? My family normally has the tv on as background noise (except when Barney's on, lol) and the other day it came on, and my LO started giggling at the babies laughter! He only does it for the first two, he looks a bit worried by the last one, but it's so funny to see him laughing at these random babies! Anyone else's LO's do something like that?


  • Morgana's head spins round faster than lightning when the ad comes on - she doesn't giggle at the babies but she stares intently at them!
  • yeah Shea loves it too!! He also stares intently at the tv when the dentinox one is one, the one with all the babies in the bouncers giggling.

    We've also got a park near my house and he's now fascinated by all the boys on their bikes, like he's looking at them thinking "God I want to be big enough to do that too"!!!

    they're soooo cute
  • Not seen those ads yet, but my msg tone on mobile is Rhys gurgling n everytime it goes off he looks around to see who made the noise ha ha.
  • I love that ad!
    I don't think Ruby has noticed it yet though.
    The SMA ad made me cry the other day, I thought my crazy baby hormones would be over by now. Maybe they are and i'm just a bit pathetic! xx
  • Ruby is so cute! Look at all her lovely hair!

    Bit off topic there! But I love the ad too. x
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