Kicking and talking in sleep


Just wondered if anyone had experienced anything 4 month old baby has started violently kicking/jumping during her sleep. For the past four nights at around 3am she has started raising both legs simultaneously and smashing them back down again. It's not just normal kicking, it's really very forceful, the whole crib shakes and the noise wakes us up - it goes on for over an hour. I am surprised she doesn't hurt herself. Last night she was also chattering away in her sleep, could she be dreaming?



  • Hi

    Isaac is 4 months and does this A LOT when he is awake. i haven't noticed it whilst he is asleep at all. Sorry, can't be any more help.
  • Thanks for your replies. She does it a lot when awake too, so maybe she is just dreaming. So annoying to be woken up when she is fast asleep all night! I'll try and tire her out today, see if that helps.
  • Omg I thought it was just my baby who does this!! He is 6 1/2 months and he's done it since I can remember. It's so forceful it sounds like the cot's going to break - doesnt help that he's a big boy at around 20lb. And yet it never seems to wake him up, very strange. We use sleeping bags, cos I found that with blankets
    1- he kicked them off
    and 2 - because with blankets you have to put them feet-to-foot, he kicked the bottom of the cot really hard & woke up cos he'd hurt his feet!

    Very odd - wish I knew why he does it! x
  • justin still dose and he is six now, he also headbuts the bed and talks in his sleep. his dad dose the same as well x
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