hipp fennel tea

has anyone tried giving their babies this?
Just tried it and my LO absolutely LOVED it!!! I put some in a doidy cup (after it had cooled down!) and he was gulping it down! image

100% organic fennel - its all good!


  • I've got some of this but haven't used it yet - will definately be making some now!
  • Ive never seen it, I'll look out for it now x
  • I got a teabag free from hipp baby club with a pack thing and will be buying a few more now i think! the promotion worked! image
  • i got one free too but still aint tried it yet! ive looked for it in the shops but have never come across it?!
    Caz x x
  • i got one free too but i havn't tried it yet, but after reading this if i remember i will give it to tegan tomorrow. i havn't seen it in the shops anywhere, where can you buy it from? x
  • what age is it from? what aisle do i look in? xx
  • TBH not too sure! I haven't seen it either but i guess i wasn't actually looking out for it. Gonna look in boots today cos Max loves it! It's been the only thing he'll drink from a cup image
  • do they have a website? x
  • yeah its www.hipp.co.uk
    just had a look and you can only buy it online or at waitrose
    online they are ??3.18 for 40 sachets and its free postage to uk
    Caz x x
  • domt really wanna buy 40m incase he dont like them. xxx
  • think if you register to the site they send you a welcome pack with coupons, free samples. my mum signed up ages ago for me thats where i got my free one from, be worth registering for just to try it
    Caz x x
  • I use just the organic herbal fennel teabags which seem just as good.
  • thanks loui4 might just try that. why do babies like them so much? x
  • Hi guys, I live in cyprus and here it's very common for people to give their babies fennel and chamomile tea from birth as they are considered calming and good for digestion. I think most cypriot babies regularly drink these teas. In fact when I had my lo I had to fight off the midwives who kept wanting to take my lo off for some tea ( I wanted to breastfeed)! I think babies like fennel because it's got a really sweet taste.
  • Yes its quite sweet tastes like aniseed lovely!
    I've just gone out and bought some fresh fennel. Thought I may as well make it myself! image
  • is it safe just to use the organic fennel tea bags? rather than order from hipp? xx
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