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James is just over 7 months, and we've been weaning since 6 months exactly.

James is given purees, and can manage lumps no problem. He has a finger food with most meals eg. plum, apricot, organix crisps, rice cakes.

I'm still tending to steer clear of the foods that can break off, like veg and bread. James is a bit stubborn when it comes to bits like this. I originally tried BLW, but wasn't happy with the amount of times James was being sick (personal choice), even though I understand this is a part of BLW along with gagging. He will not spit things out if they get stuck, and insists on keeping trying to swallow them. Which he does manage eventually!

So James tends to have things that don't break off easily, or that melt in the mouth. We have to give him other finger foods at some point. But with bread for example, it sticks to the roof of his mouth, or he coughs or gags. But it'll go down in the end.

I realise food is fun until they're one. But I dion't want James eating his meal, having a play and chew on some finger foods, then bringing up his meal from gagging!

Is it a case of just have to give a wide range, because he needs to get used to it? Or is James struggling a bit more than others? He has no teeth to chew, but does give things a go with his gums/tongue on roof of mouth, just not all the time.

Thank you. xx


  • hi

    have you tried giving some finger food before his meal? that way if he is sick it will just be what he has eaten, then he could have a full puree meal after?

    sorry i dont have much advice

    ashy x
  • Thanks for your replies. I tried lo with carrot, sweet potato wedge and broccoli, and he wouldn't have any of them! :lol:

    I'll keep trying daily.

    I would give them before his meal, but he enjoys the purees, especially his pudding. xx
  • We're a bit the same mithical but it's more my fear of him choking that is stopping us progressing, if I'm honest.

    I would recommend trying some very well cooked fingers of veg, so that when he gums them, they'll just go to mush. Also bread sticks are fantastic, you'd think they'd be really difficult but they work a treat and seem to disintegrate. As for bread, I tend to only allow a small piece in, which I know he can handle.

    I don't offer finger foods at every meal, maybe only once a day. I'm not concerned because he gets a good diet (with lumps) throughout the day.

    HTH xx
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